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Girls Love a Guy Who Will Go Over Hurdles for Them

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Bovine and Longboarder are Two Forces That Were Never Meant to Meet

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Careful Where You Chuck Those Snowballs

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Beautiful Dive, Gold Medal Material

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Poetic, but Mean: Drivers Who Misuse Their High Beams in Shenzhen Have to Stare at Headlights as Punishment

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Attempting to Seize Monday Morning

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Spelling Test FAIL

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The Moment the Mic is Too Hot

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Diet Plans FAIL

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Didn't See the Big Red Goal?

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Just When You Thought You Were Going to Be Cool...

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Brace for Impact!

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The FAILs of June so Far!

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This Reporter Learns Why You Should Always Wear a Helmet (The Hard Way)

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Pro Tip: Sober Up BEFORE Trying to Rob the Liquor Store

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Classic: The Water Park is All Fun and Games Until You Get too Much Air

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