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Apocalypse Comes Early FAIL

fail nation g rated Hall of Fame math is hard news temperature weather - 5532978432
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Contractors Will Do Exactly the Work You Give Them

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That Horse Has a Black Belt

ouch gifs right in the face horse g rated fail nation - 8414858752
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Last Meal FAIL

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How Not to Tap the Keg

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It's Not a Problem, it's a Feature!

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"Joseph" Has Maybe Seen Better Days

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They Didn't Read the Sign

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bad idea jeep cars ice Video fail nation g rated - 58412801

Your Jeep is Cool, but it Can't Ice Skate

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Clearly We Live in an Age of Anarchy

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whoops fire science Video fail nation g rated - 67589633

Who Knew Molten Aluminum Could be so Volatile?

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Those Aren't Black Pants Anymore

bad day painting bench fail nation g rated - 8320345344
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Horsing Around FAIL

fail nation g rated police random weird wtf - 6001209344
martial arts Street fighter video games funny Video fail nation g rated - 53656065

A Terrible Martial Arts Demonstration Gets Almost-Tolerable With a Little "Street Fighter"

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merica facepalm prank funny Video fail nation g rated - 52568065

Presenting: Americans Who Don't Know Who Joe Biden is

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Meanwhile, in More Ridiculous News...

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