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Nobody Suspects the Double Prank!

ouch gif surprise prank funny fail nation g rated - 7704411136
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Think of the Toast Monstrosities You Could Make With This

bread facepalm whoops g rated fail nation - 8240538112
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All the Great Taste, None of the Energy!

energy drink wait a minute fail nation g rated - 7094508800
Created by Unknown
repairs right in the crotch Video fail nation g rated - 49382657

This Well-Drilling Disaster is Straight Out of "The Three Stooges"

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Uni-Wheel Segways Are the Future (of Pain)

ouch gifs segway fail nation g rated - 8278866688
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Try to Imagine What's Going Through Her Head Right Now

cars facepalm sign warning fail nation g rated - 8007933440
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Rank Up Your Game... With Doritos Flavored Mountain Dew?!

mountain dew doritos fail nation g rated - 8372055040
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The Mattress Will Protect Me From This Frozen Disaster!

ouch gifs dive ice after 12 g rated - 8120792320
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It's Like a Holster, but for Idiots

guns safety dangerous g rated fail nation - 8111779328
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wheel of fortune Video g rated - 66936321

Brandon Needs to Work on His Waving Technique

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In China, English is Just a Nice-Looking Decoration

engrish bathroom oh china funny fail nation g rated - 7769560832
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Fighting High Blood Pressure FAIL

merica irony fast food fail nation g rated - 6828413696
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ouch whoops martial arts fail nation g rated - 59088129

When an Unstoppable Power Meats an Unmovable Force, Somebody's Face Gets Busted

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Kill It With Fire spiders Video g rated fail nation - 62137345

This Poor Husband Was Clearly Not Meant to be the Spider-Hunter of the Household

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Disasters of Ikea

furniture table ikea glass fail nation g rated - 7000912896
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caught Video fail nation g rated - 48576513

Not a Single Damn of the Day: Guy Picks Nose Like a Boss

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