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Is There a Special Deal on Blue Screens?

sign blue screen of death crash bsod g rated fail nation - 8239818496
By Aidan Franits

FAIL Crane Trains His Young

cars construction fail crane fail nation g rated Hall of Fame wtf - 5937574656
By Joniel Gagné-Laurin

Probably Bad News: Not-So-Super Mario

fail nation g rated Probably bad News stupid criminals wtf - 6107036416
By Mike (Via Utica OD)

Horsing Around FAIL

fail nation g rated police random weird wtf - 6001209344

Small Claims, Petty Tactics

wheelbarrow clever burn fail nation g rated - 8277920768
Via Acid Cow

Hit and Run FAIL

fail nation fight flip gifs g rated wrestling - 6138269952
By Unknown

The Wrong Shirt to Wear to Disneyland

design shirt funny disneyland fail nation g rated - 7722818048
Via Reddit

Just Like Mike!

basketball sports g rated fail nation - 8228548608
Via Acid Cow

After Being Abandoned for Months, a Spare Room in This UK House Becomes a Giant Wasp's Nest

Kill It With Fire bees oh god why g rated fail nation - 8302084096
Via Arbroath

Sorry, This is Not a "White Snake" Video

ouch gif cars car wash bewbs fail nation g rated - 7495270144
By Unknown

Trustworthy Sound Engineer FAIL

fail nation g rated irony Music Professional At Work wtf - 5867994624
By joshg

The Animals Were Vegetarians

wtf signs vegetarian fail nation g rated - 7245903360
By Unknown

In Case of Cyclists, Deliver the Bird

cars bikes sign the bird fail nation g rated - 7992614912
Via Reddit

One Heel of a Good Time FAIL

fail nation g rated innuendo missing letter Professional At Work typo - 5644504832
By jsh5034

The Ice Park, on the Other Hand...

freeze sign winter fail nation g rated - 7993871616
By Unknown

I'm Nooooooot Ready!

accidental gross SpongeBob SquarePants funny fail nation g rated - 7886177280
By Unknown
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