FAIL Nation

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Ice Turns Us All into Breakdancers

dancing gifs police fail nation g rated - 8063431168
Via Joanne Casey

Last Meal FAIL

coffin drive thru fail nation funeral g rated McDonald's - 6324123648
By Unknown

More Plastic Than A Ken Doll

justin bieber Music fail nation g rated - 7863392768
By Unknown

Ugliest Tattoos: Miley Cyrus Literally Gets an Emoji on Her Bottom Lip

emoji tattoos miley cyrus celeb fail nation g rated - 8110170624
Via Miley Cyrus
whoops Video fail nation g rated - 62528001

You Have One Notification and an Immediate Trip to the Laundromat

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g rated mma Video - 34232321

Self Knock-Out FAIL

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This Pleases Our Hot Pocket Overlords

microwave accidental creepy fail nation g rated - 8123186432
Via Bits and Pieces

Secret Advertising for Window Cleaner?

ouch gifs glasses fail nation g rated - 8380274944
Via Brown Cardigan

At-Risk Group FAIL

fail nation g rated news - 6217047808
By intirb

Disregard Traffic Entirely, It's What the Cool Kids Do

gif genius funny traffic fail nation g rated - 7757987328
By Unknown

This is a New Low for Douchebag Parking

douchebag parkers cars funny parking fail nation g rated - 7635158016
By Unknown

This Teaching Magazine Has a Terrible Understanding of Charts

Chart genius irony funny g rated - 7757971200
Via Reddit

Bear Kidnapping in Progress!

teddy bear transportation cars dangerous fail nation g rated - 7421598976
By Unknown

Hit and Run FAIL

fail nation fight flip gifs g rated wrestling - 6138269952
By Unknown

Squatting FAIL

fail nation falling gifs g rated ouch weight lifting - 5604359680
By Unknown

Finally, a Shortage We Can All be Happy About

clowns news Probably bad News fail nation g rated - 8070863360
By Unknown