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fail nation

hair fire selfie Video fail nation g rated - 61533441

Was That Selfie Worth the Flaming Hair?

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The Spike Heard 'Round the World

ouch sports gifs volleyball fail nation g rated - 8096767744
Probably bad News news Video fail nation - 64754177

Jersey Shore's "The Situation" is Under Fire for Tax Fraud, and the News Has Run Out of Clever Ways to Report That

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Cycling Attire FAIL

scuba motorcycle bike safety fail nation g rated - 6902019584

Lower Than His IQ FAIL

cars fail nation g rated Hall of Fame stupidity towing truck - 5521424128

FAIL Crane Trains His Young

cars construction fail crane fail nation g rated Hall of Fame wtf - 5937574656
Created by Unknown

Ever Wanted to Hit the Great Outdoors AND Look Like a Giant Dork?

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whoops cars Video fail nation - 67908865

Note for Car Wash Customers: Apply the Brakes, Not the Gas

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Helmets Won't Protect Against This Fall

ouch gifs helmet fail nation g rated - 8299116032
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Awww, I Was Looking Forward to That!

headline newspaper fail nation g rated - 8161034496
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lazy escalator Video fail nation g rated - 63861505

A BART Employee Reaches New Levels of Laziness

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what Probably bad News Video animals fail nation - 64117505

The Perfect Crime: One Cow, One Car

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Perfect For Any Band FAIL

Music engrish gun knockoff fail nation g rated Hall of Fame best of week - 6828059392
guitar Music oh god why Video fail nation - 63473665

Hell is Truly the Times Square Guitar Center

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Pizza Made by a Cold-Hearted Machine, Just Like the Old Country!

pizza vending machine food fail nation g rated - 8378059008
Via CheesyAbortedFetus

But We've Run Out of Gas!

scary gps fail nation g rated - 8252477184
Via Brown Cardigan

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