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A Pet Store Owner Attacks People With His Bearded Dragon. Florida, Am I Right?

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But Why Won't the Network Run?

internet facepalm funny fail nation g rated - 7602032896
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They Must Be Hard To Insert FAIL

fail nation Hall of Fame innuendo juxtaposition v4g - 5499211776
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Poetic, but Mean: Drivers Who Misuse Their High Beams in Shenzhen Have to Stare at Headlights as Punishment

ouch news cars Probably bad News fail nation g rated - 8286415872
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DUI, What Kinda Liquor Does That Cocktail Have?

gifs drunk dui fail nation - 8309238784
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We All Feel This Way During Traffic Jams

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This Cake Was Supposed to Have a "Cap" on it

cake graduation whoops funny fail nation g rated - 7580061696
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news Bloopers Probably bad News funny Video fail nation - 55044865

The News Bloopers of September

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Letting in the Weather FAIL

snow weather cars fail nation g rated - 6998057216

This Poor Bovine Will Never Learn How to Hop

trampoline funny cows fail nation g rated - 7677609728

Magazine Placement FAIL

lady bits accidental sexy bewbs magazine fail nation g rated - 7056123136

Half of a Photoshop Job

fashion lady bits photoshop fail nation - 8221807104
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Excited For the Holidays FAIL

dude parts christmas lights Things That Are Doing It holidays fail nation - 6848599808

Ted Biggersby, Mall Samurai

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engrish compilation funny Video fail nation - 55073537

Celebs Get in On Japanese Commercial Insanity

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10 Things That Prove Life is Full of Irony

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