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fail nation

Wait For It faucet weird Video fail nation g rated - 48871937

This Faucet Does an Unusual Impression

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There's No Way This Won't End in a Terrible Mistake

bad idea laxative fail nation - 8218302976
Via redness81

Satan Side Up

egg fail that looks like the spawn of the devil
Via Brown Cardigan

Nevermind, We're All Going to be on Fire

bees Kill It With Fire fire alarm g rated fail nation - 8256636160
Via Pharmdoc07
British fail nation g rated Video zip line - 40289537

Mayor of London Stuck on Zip Line FAIL

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animals goats Video Street fighter fail nation - 64921857

Super Goat Fighter II Turbo!

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The New Tactic for Terrorism Recruitment: Pretend to be the Internet

Via ahmed
Music Video fail nation g rated - 57986561

Something Sounds Familiar About This London Ticket Gate...

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dj Music compilation Video fail nation - 65709057

They're Dropping More Than Bass in These DJ Fails

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bathroom gross Video fail nation - 64691713

"Take THAT, Affordable Prices!"

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Just a Little Love-Tap

gif boop driving funny parking fail nation g rated - 7710577408

Those Were Tough Fights Out There With Our Razor Phones, Pre-Youtube

history facepalm g rated fail nation - 8175187456
Via amd133mhz

This is the Perfect Place to Practice Your Stances

public transportation Subway yoga fail nation g rated - 8289262080
Via Brown Cardigan

10-4, Chief, We're Fueled Up and Ready to Go!

whoops gas station cars police g rated fail nation - 8385597696
Via Acid Cow

When You Need AC, You Go to Great Lengths

Created by AndrewMason

Nobody Suspects the Double Prank!

ouch gif surprise prank funny fail nation g rated - 7704411136
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