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Don't Mess With Physics, Never Lean Forward

physics ouch fail nation g rated - 8306980352
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Look Both Ways!

cars driving ice winter fail nation - 8019100416
By Unknown

This is a New Low for Douchebag Parking

douchebag parkers cars funny parking fail nation g rated - 7635158016
By Unknown

If Only it Could Keep Your Whole Head Dry...

umbrella youre-doing-it-wrong facepalm fail nation g rated - 8202710272
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commercial compilation Japan celeb Video fail nation - 60894721

More of the Wackiest Commercials From Japan!

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Trust in Your Friends... to Always Let You Down

gifs ouch trust fall fail nation g rated - 8306968064
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drinking fail nation falling Video window YT video - 37839105

Collapsing FAIL

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wwe compilation wrestling Video fail nation - 60511745

WWE Commentary Makes These Classic FAILs Even Better

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cars scooter driver funny Video fail nation g rated - 51009281

This is the Worst Scooter Driver Ever

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Irony Van FAIL

news whoops van crash irony home fail nation g rated - 6855205888
By Unknown
compilation funny Video animals fail nation - 51260673

Reporters + Animals = Guaranteed FAILure

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Bookmark from Grandma FAIL

fail nation gifts grandma Knitta Please looks like a p33n p33n - 5615404800
By Unknown

Sorry, on to the Next Car Then!

anti-theft cars theft fail nation g rated - 7042473216
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Some Days You're the Dog, Some Days You're the Pole

Via Joanne Casey

Insurance Will Not Cover Wheelie-Related Injuries

gifs motorcycle whoops wheelie g rated fail nation - 8340937216
Via j0be

Oh Hey, a Photo Op!

gif sports photo op baseball fail nation g rated - 8013708800
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