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Not The Kind of Air He Wanted FAIL

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This Normally Works Out Better in the Movies

news tacos Probably bad News fail nation g rated - 7950752512
By Unknown
basketball Video sports fail nation g rated - 58073601

This is Worse Than Any Free Throw You Can Imagine in Pro Basketball

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Hop, Skip, Dunk, and a Flop

Via Senor Gif
shoes news Probably bad News Video fail nation - 62031873

This Guy Miraculously Survives a Lightning Strike. His Shoes, Not so Much.

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Hail Christmas!

christmas fail nation g rated - 8402734080
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Bros Are an Open Door

bros puns frozen newspaper fail nation g rated - 8133980160
Via deetecks

Your Cover is Blown!

cops sign cars driving ticket funny fail nation g rated - 7632930304
By jnesbitt82

Fertilizer FAIL

fail nation g rated grass lawn - 6321453568
By Unknown

Never Has a Bootleg Been More Honest

DVD knockoff fail nation - 8091103488
Via Neatorama

Domino Effect FAIL

cars crash fail nation g rated irony - 6069904384
Via Reddit

Security FAIL

fail nation g rated grocery store - 6275959808
Via The Clearly Dope

Timely Urinal Repository in Space

porta potty doctor who hacked irl fail nation g rated - 8374858752
Via psylentz
advertisement engrish funny weird oh Japan fail nation - 51979265

The Best of Japan's Wacky Commercials

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Chocolate Fountain + Wind = Bad Time

whoops wind g rated fail nation - 7980601856
Via Reddit

It's a Highly Technical Term

what funny name fail nation g rated - 7832003072
By Unknown
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