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Holding a Dog FAIL

dogs gifs pee - 6240600832
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tumblr thread about how humans would make great sci fi monsters

Interesting AF Tumblr Thread Proves Humans Are Badass Sci-Fi Monsters

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When You Don't Know Where to Put Something Down


The Timing Could Not Have Been Better

dogs timing right in the crotch funny - 7791147264
By Unknown
dogs what Probably bad News Video arizona fail nation g rated - 58645505

Arizona is Being Overrun by Packs of Vicious Wild Chihuahuas. Seriously.

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Convincing Product FAIL

dogs irony product fail - 5568278016
By Unknown

This Spray Didn't Work Well Enough

dogs pets irony funny fail nation g rated - 7569718784
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Ruthless Dog Sh*ts All Over Family's Attempt at Taking Holiday Pic

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Seems a Bit Insensitive

cards dogs fail nation - 8158775552
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Not Obedient Enough FAIL

dogs irony - 6548135936
By Unknown
Funny meme about dogs, animals, siblings, girlfriends, dating, raccoons, birds, cats, money, work, cooking.

35 Hilarious Memes To Help You Over The Hump

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dogs haircut genius Video - 46580481

False Alarm FAIL

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Finding Your Phone FAIL

balls cell phone dogs - 6507799808
By Unknown
fetch dogs pets Video - 66950401

That Oven is Toast, but Nice Game of Fetch, Doggy!

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Doggy Door FAIL

dogs door hole - 6378620416
By Unknown

Assuming Your Affection is Better Than Freedom

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