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Don't Dog And Drive

dogs sled FAIL gifs snow - 6944571136
By ToolBee

Best Friend/Worst Enemy FAIL

dogs gifs nutshot ouch - 5737448192
By Unknown
On-Air Blooper dogs pets bad idea fail nation - 65843713

And Now, for the Weather, Here's an Excited Dog

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dogs Probably bad News stealing Video - 56850177

This Dog Gets Caught Red-Pawed in a Shoplifting Spree

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Tumblr post calls out fake service dogs for creating real problems for people with actual disabilities that need them.

Fake Service Dogs Called Out For Creating Real Problems For People That Have Disabilities

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Great Exercise FAIL

sign dogs pets run exercise - 6837641216
By Unknown
dogs pets what Video animals - 67452673

Relationship Columnist Dr. Laura Spouts Off Some Insanely Dumb Things About Pit Bulls

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dogs annoying kids beach sand - 74583297

Enough Is Enough

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Now THAT's a B!tch Slap FAIL

dogs gifs Hall of Fame slap - 6488009984
By Unknown

Think of the Dog Next Time You Stage a Dumb Photo Op

think of the dog next time you stage a dumb photo op
Via @BabyAnimalPics

Must Win at All Costs

Via Whycantiquitthissite
dogs whoops video games Video fail nation g rated - 49320705

Our Doggie Friends Don't Understand Video Games

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dogs president politics Video White house g rated fail nation - 56708353

Sunny, the White House Dog, Gets a Little too Excited With This Kid

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The Old Yeller Excuse, Eh?

dogs drunk driving Probably bad News news - 8017173760

Holding The Door FAIL

dogs elevator fail nation gifs g rated whoops wtf - 5764309248
By Unknown

Hammock FAIL

dogs fail nation g rated hammock stuck - 6472480512
By Unknown