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When You Don't Know Where to Put Something Down


You're Not Using These, Right?

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dogs pets dash cam Video - 70163457

A St. Bernard Takes His Friendly Human for a Walk

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dogs pets bad idea cars Video fail nation g rated - 67993601

Pro Tip: Don't Leave Your Dog in a Locked Vehicle, Especially if They Love the Horn

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Research FAIL

dogs - 6500004864
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The Timing Could Not Have Been Better

dogs timing right in the crotch funny - 7791147264
By Unknown
dogs FAIL trolling funny - 83717121

Watch This Oblivious Cute Girl Get Trolled By Her Dog on Live Feed

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Doggy Door FAIL

dogs door hole - 6378620416
By Unknown
dogs what Probably bad News Video arizona fail nation g rated - 58645505

Arizona is Being Overrun by Packs of Vicious Wild Chihuahuas. Seriously.

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russia dogs FAIL Video - 75367937

Who Let the Dogs Out?! Not This Guy

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It's Going to be a Long Night

dogs pets oh god why funny laxative fail nation - 7586764032
By Unknown
dogs drunk Video karma fail nation - 68481025

This Drunk Wanted to Mess With a Dog, and it Backfired Immediately

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dogs pets cars Video traffic - 69777665

This Dog Has Places to Go and Doesn't Give a Damn About Your Human Traffic Concerns

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Photoshop Attempt FAIL

dogs pets photoshop products - 5714840320
By shadow_yuki

Doggy FAIL

dogs drunk passed out vomit - 6226454016
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dogs whoops pets vine Video fail nation - 69204481

Some Little Dogs Just Weren't Meant for Stairs

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