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tumblr thread about how humans would make great sci fi monsters

Interesting AF Tumblr Thread Proves Humans Are Badass Sci-Fi Monsters

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Not Obedient Enough FAIL

dogs irony - 6548135936

Hammock FAIL

dogs fail nation g rated hammock stuck - 6472480512
fetch dogs pets Video - 66950401

That Oven is Toast, but Nice Game of Fetch, Doggy!

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Holding a Dog FAIL

dogs gifs pee - 6240600832

This Dog Chose the Wrong Snack

pets gross dogs fail nation g rated - 7085994496

When Everyone Thinks You're Too Cute to Be Dangerous

Via vinefailures

Assuming Your Affection is Better Than Freedom

Via timtin

Doggy FAIL

dogs drunk passed out vomit - 6226454016
Via Reddit
random and funny memes about dating, relationships, social media, sex, texting, animals, school, nudes, alcohol, cats, dogs.

50 Hilarious Memes To Ease You Into The Evening

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Titanic Life Jackets Are Down the Aisle

dogs pets marketing fail nation - 7968398080
Created by wsbcal
fetch dogs compilation Video fail nation g rated - 66753793

Dogs Love Playing Fetch, and We Love Watching Them Screw Up While Doing it

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Snack Time (For One of Them)

dogs FAIL food classic - 8797478400
Via Dubremacy

They Smell Even Worse on the Inside

dogs pets sign - 8025430016

Double Embarrassment FAIL

dogs fail nation gifs Hall of Fame innuendo winter wtf - 5805794304

Holding The Door FAIL

dogs elevator fail nation gifs g rated whoops wtf - 5764309248
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