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It's Going to be a Long Night

dogs pets oh god why funny laxative fail nation - 7586764032
dogs Criminally Dumb Criminal Wait For It Video fail nation g rated - 66377985

A Burglar Must Flee From the Most Vicious Attack Dog Ever Recorded

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dogs annoying kids beach sand - 74583297

Enough Is Enough

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The Old Yeller Excuse, Eh?

dogs drunk driving Probably bad News news - 8017173760

Clarity FAIL

dogs litter - 6128240384
photoshop battle dog

Photoshop Battle: Dog Destroying Couch Edition

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dogs pets kids Video - 69180929

WTF of the Day: Jedi Dog Uses The Force to Push Annoying Kid

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Hammock FAIL

dogs fail nation g rated hammock stuck - 6472480512
dogs drugs FAIL fire Video - 144390

Some Superheroes Wear Invisible Capes Because They Aren't a Superhero, They're Actually Just Really High

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So Close, yet so Far

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Tackle FAIL

boy dogs gifs - 6213501952
dogs whoops FAIL pizza accident fire Video animals - 75836417

If You Aren't Careful, Your Pizza-Loving Pooch Might Almost Burn Your House Down

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Time To Wok Your Dog

dogs FAIL magazine food - 8747828992
Created by ChrisChagares

This Headline Couldn't Have Been Worse

dogs headline juxtaposition fail nation - 8122156800
Via Google

Double Embarrassment FAIL

dogs fail nation gifs Hall of Fame innuendo winter wtf - 5805794304

Not Obedient Enough FAIL

dogs irony - 6548135936
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