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Great Exercise FAIL

sign dogs pets run exercise - 6837641216
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Adoption Slogan Fail

animals Cats dogs marketing slogan - 5407405056
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dogs pets bad idea cars Video fail nation g rated - 67993601

Pro Tip: Don't Leave Your Dog in a Locked Vehicle, Especially if They Love the Horn

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His Neighbors Must Be Relieved

Man Keeps Dogs Actually Bears
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Think of the Dog Next Time You Stage a Dumb Photo Op

think of the dog next time you stage a dumb photo op
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When Everyone Thinks You're Too Cute to Be Dangerous

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Vomiting FAIL

dogs McDonald's puke Ronald McDonald - 6157468160
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The Barter System is Alive and Well

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Buried in Sand FAIL

beach dogs poop - 6472516352
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dogs what Probably bad News Video arizona fail nation g rated - 58645505

Arizona is Being Overrun by Packs of Vicious Wild Chihuahuas. Seriously.

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Dogs 1: Humans 0 FAIL

dogs gifs Hall of Fame racing street - 6191988224
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Holding The Door FAIL

dogs elevator fail nation gifs g rated whoops wtf - 5764309248
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On-Air Blooper dogs pets bad idea fail nation - 65843713

And Now, for the Weather, Here's an Excited Dog

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dogs whoops Video fail nation g rated - 69178113

A Pug Flopping Around in a Way Only a Pug Can

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dogs poop FAIL angry Video - 84642561

Watch This Furious Woman Throw Dog Poop at Cops After Heated Misunderstanding

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Tumblr post calls out fake service dogs for creating real problems for people with actual disabilities that need them.

Fake Service Dogs Called Out For Creating Real Problems For People That Have Disabilities

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