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Best Friend/Worst Enemy FAIL

dogs gifs nutshot ouch - 5737448192
Created by Unknown

Seems a Bit Insensitive

cards dogs fail nation - 8158775552
Via Joanne Casey

Assuming Your Affection is Better Than Freedom

Via timtin
dogs whoops Video fail nation g rated - 69178113

A Pug Flopping Around in a Way Only a Pug Can

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Doggie Door FAIL

animals dogs whoops - 5876785664
Created by theycallmepiano
dogs drunk Video karma fail nation - 68481025

This Drunk Wanted to Mess With a Dog, and it Backfired Immediately

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dogs Probably bad News stealing Video - 56850177

This Dog Gets Caught Red-Pawed in a Shoplifting Spree

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These Ferrets, in Fact, DO Lift

dogs pets scam Probably bad News fail nation g rated - 7296086528
Created by Unknown

So What You're Saying is...

lose dog gain dog hearts become dog
Via Alice

Car Security System FAIL

cars cheap dogs parking lot security - 5412123648
Created by Unknown

Holding The Door FAIL

dogs elevator fail nation gifs g rated whoops wtf - 5764309248
Created by Unknown

Not Obedient Enough FAIL

dogs irony - 6548135936
Created by Unknown
dogs dreams Video - 76067841

That Feel When You're Helping a Hot Girl Apply Sunscreen and This Happens

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Dogs 1: Humans 0 FAIL

dogs gifs Hall of Fame racing street - 6191988224
Via Reddit

America's Finest at Work

dogs pets irony funny police fail nation g rated - 7559119616
Created by Unknown

Think of the Dog Next Time You Stage a Dumb Photo Op

think of the dog next time you stage a dumb photo op
Via @BabyAnimalPics
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