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Cutting That Nosedive Too Close Huh?

crash gifs military plane FAIL classic - 5646085888
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When Your Competitive Nature Blows Up in the Your Face

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Pushing Your Car Just Got More Interesting

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Trying to Start Your Monday Off Right

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F**king Mondays

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It's the Honerable Thing to Do

memorial day sign FAIL classic - 6273291008
By Unknown

Some Have the Knowledge Too Young

FAIL classic - 8747853824
By Nachoday
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That Moment You Learn The Difference Between What You Wanted and Reality

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Welcome to Hogwards

FAIL stairs construction classic - 8606472960
By Snake73

The Classic Way to Win Any Fight Guranteed

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You've Got to Be Ready For the Training Wheels to Come Off

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What a Value!

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Trying to Swing into the Weekend Like...

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CLASSIC: He Has Multiple Obsessions

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By Unknown

When Traffic Rules Do Not Apply, But Physics Still Do

funny fail gif classic motorcycle cross traffic fail
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Finally They're Letting the Animals at Sea World Express Themselves Freely

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