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Watch Your Step FAIL

classic irony signs stairs - 5960409344
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Keeping Resolutions are Hard, Even When You're Trying

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FAIL list Awkward holiday classic - 1013765

Just a Few Reminders Why Celebrating Columbus Day is Awkward AF

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guns FAIL facepalm truck classic Video shooting - 74309121

Ladies and Gentlemen, the New Owner of the Tiniest Sunroof

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boxing classic Video - 75578113

When You Go For the Take Down and Take Yourself Down

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Hitting the Leg-Plant at the End of the Slide

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Sunday Morning Chores

beer FAIL classic - 8765611520
By melissaherrboldt

Backed Perfectly Into that Spot, Right?

FAIL cars classic parking - 8814535936
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If I Fits, I Squats

FAIL urinal bathroom peeing classic - 8797313792
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What's The Deal With DVD Holders? FAIL

classic DVD p33n - 5591309824
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amusement park classic Video fail nation - 62491393

Classic: Janice Really Needs to Listen to This Poor Kid

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Directions FAIL

road typo spelling classic - 6816589824
By Unknown
motorcycle classic Video - 74677249

Sounds Like This 2-Wheeler is Going to Need Two Tune Ups

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A Light Auto Repair

FAIL car light classic there I fixed it - 8763134720
By John-Dragon-Man
Babies parenting fart FAIL classic Video - 81723393

This Baby Gambled on a Fart and Scared Himself

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barbecue FAIL classic Video - 80371713

Working With Hotness is Dangerous

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