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We Are All Thankful For Isabella, Because At Least She Tried

funny fail classic kids in newspaper being thankful
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news kids parenting compilation classic Video - 78453505

Kids Have Done the Darndest Things on the News

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When You Don't Study YOu've Got to Compensate Somehow

pencil school FAIL classic - 8795699712
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Naming Yourself and Your Problem FAIL

business classic name painful signs - 5588859904
By dunning99

Who Watches the Watchers FAIL

camera classic security camera technology - 5613002496
By Unknown

Screw it, Just Do a Redneck Toilet Repair

FAIL toilet classic there I fixed it - 8758592256
By cullens_sweetshiv
bicycle FAIL pool classic Video - 79761409

You've Got to Be Ready For the Training Wheels to Come Off

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FAIL glasses TV world record classic Video - 75012609

This Guy Tries To Break a World Record For Jumping Through Panes of Glass and Only Shatters His Pride

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barbecue FAIL fire food classic Video - 80371457

Did You Want Yours Extra Crispy or Totally Crispy?

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barbecue FAIL classic Video - 80371713

Working With Hotness is Dangerous

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CLASSIC: He Has Multiple Obsessions

classic creepy innuendo marketing pedo - 5496473344
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Never Forget About the Ol' Airbag Chair

funny fail gif airbag chair explosion joke
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Weekend Chores Got You Like


It's the Honerable Thing to Do

memorial day sign FAIL classic - 6273291008
By Unknown
FAILS sports compilation classic Video olympics - 81254913

Start Pre-Gaming For All the Fresh FAILs From the Olympic Trials

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Watch Your Step FAIL

classic irony signs stairs - 5960409344
By WWDHD_ (Via
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