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FAILS sports compilation classic Video olympics - 81254913

Start Pre-Gaming For All the Fresh FAILs From the Olympic Trials

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That Wasn't Very Bright

gif FAIL lamp classic - 8754362880
Created by tamaleknight

Screw it, Just Do a Redneck Toilet Repair

FAIL toilet classic there I fixed it - 8758592256
Created by cullens_sweetshiv
motorcycle classic Video - 74677249

Sounds Like This 2-Wheeler is Going to Need Two Tune Ups

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CLASSIC: He Has Multiple Obsessions

classic creepy innuendo marketing pedo - 5496473344
Created by Unknown
guns FAIL facepalm truck classic Video shooting - 74309121

Ladies and Gentlemen, the New Owner of the Tiniest Sunroof

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chair FAIL food classic Video - 78341121

This is Why Merry-Go-Rounds Don't Have a Buffet

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It's the Honerable Thing to Do

memorial day sign FAIL classic - 6273291008
Created by Unknown

Classic: The Hero We Deserve FAIL

gifs scared batman classic - 6656449536
Created by Unknown
fishing sports Bloopers classic Video - 44388865

Classic Fishing FAILs

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You Only Leave This Answer Once

Via Distractify

Sunday Morning Chores

beer FAIL classic - 8765611520
Created by melissaherrboldt

You Know A Classic Internet Image is Classic When It Still Gets You Sofa King Happy

sign FAIL puns classic - 8974438400
Via Badderasprince
FAIL fish classic Video - 80785921

When You Lose Your Phone, Fish, And Pride All at Once

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When Traffic Rules Do Not Apply, But Physics Still Do

funny fail gif classic motorcycle cross traffic fail
Via 032014

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

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