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Just Another Day in Australia

warning sign birds australia g rated fail nation - 8343999232

Of Course There's a Giant Crocodile Surfing on an Australian Beach, Because AUSTRALIA

australia Damn Nature U Scary crocodile Probably bad News fail nation g rated - 8083707392
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You Know You Have Zero Chill When You're Asking the Police To Use a Better Mugshot

funny fail image Australian fugitive gets caught after asking for a better mugshot on facebook
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Of Course This Would Happen in Australia

australia bathroom Kill It With Fire snake g rated fail nation - 8334251520
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Australians Don't Let a Thing Like "Derailed Trains" Get in the Way of Their Chill

accident australia train - 8005941760
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ouch drunk australia Video - 69857537

The Drunkest Man in Australia Takes on an Electric Fence

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poop Professional At Work australia Video - 78023169

No Adult Stands a Chance Against the Phrase "Emergency Defecation Situation"

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Finally, We're Asking People the Tough Questions

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Check the Next Package You Ask Your Parents to Mail You Doesn't Come With an Angry Note

funny parenting image father mails son's guitar with an angry note on it
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FAIL australia TV interview funny - 149254

Watch This Grumpy Old Dude Interrupt a TV Interview to Wage Verbal War on 'Young People'

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spiders FAIL australia food Video - 78049025

Does Your Salad's Protein Have Eight-Legs?

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The Most Australian Crime Ever Committed

Criminally Dumb Criminal news australia fail nation - 8333172480
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It Literally Rained Spiders in (Where Else) Australia. Can We Set the Sky on Fire Now?

FAIL australia cars Video - 164871

An Australian Driver Has Proved You Don't *Need* a Front Wheel to Drive

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car australia tweet Video dating - 142086

You Know Your Date's Over When the Ground Tries to Swallow Your Car

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Fail of The Day: Woman Loses Winning Horse Race After Posting Ticket Barcode on Facebook

Fail of The Day: Woman Loses Winning Horse Race After Posting Ticket Barcode on Facebook
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