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Of Course There's a Giant Crocodile Surfing on an Australian Beach, Because AUSTRALIA

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Wink Wink if You Know What I Mean Nudge Nudge

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Eating in Peace FAIL

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Some Aussies are Scared of Religion and Spellcheck

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Ex-Rugby Player Breaks Bicep in Arm Wrestling Challenge on Live Australian TV

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Only in Australia

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One Way to Engage Your Students is to Accidentally Set an Open Poll

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Of Course This Would Happen in Australia

australia bathroom Kill It With Fire snake g rated fail nation - 8334251520
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Dumb Idea of the Day: Australian Student Jumps Into a Chilling Bay To Save His Drone Work

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Nobody Gets "Stumble Through a Fence" Drunk Quite Like the Australians

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Does Your Salad's Protein Have Eight-Legs?

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This Dash Cam Proves That a Kangaroo Can Be a Total Asshole

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The Most Australian Crime Ever Committed

Criminally Dumb Criminal news australia fail nation - 8333172480
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FAIL summer australia pool Video snake - 71939841

Just a Regular Summer Activity in Australia

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You Cut Me Deep, Australia

ouch australia newspaper - 6983793408
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It Literally Rained Spiders in (Where Else) Australia. Can We Set the Sky on Fire Now?

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