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A Fate Worse Than Peas

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One Way to Engage Your Students is to Accidentally Set an Open Poll

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Ever Seen a Speeding Ticket for NOT Going Over the Speed Limit?

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One Drunk Australian Accidentally Stole Christmas Joy From a Young Girl and it's as Close as We'll Get to the Grinch In Real Life in 2016

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Just Another Day in Australia

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All the Best Blunders From Australia's Favorite Morning Program

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Only in Australia

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You Know You Have Zero Chill When You're Asking the Police To Use a Better Mugshot

funny fail image Australian fugitive gets caught after asking for a better mugshot on facebook
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This Australian Baseball Manager's Outburst is Exactly What You Expect From an Aussie Baseball Manager

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This is Australia, so Of Course They're Delivering a Beached Whale to Disposal

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Australia, Where You Might 'Reveresed' Into Someone

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Of Course This Would Happen in Australia

australia bathroom Kill It With Fire snake g rated fail nation - 8334251520
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Failure to Communicate of the Day: Non-Australian People Can’t Speak Australian

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Australians Don't Let a Thing Like "Derailed Trains" Get in the Way of Their Chill

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A Man Selling His Koala Makes the Best Craigslist Post Ever

Screenshot of the best Craigslist post ever of a guy who is trying to honestly sell his Koala with excellent description of the experience. Once he is in water he is fine getting him into the water is the challenge he will scratch you, he will bite you and you will bleed
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The Australian Prime Minister's New Slogan Might Mean He's Been Watching Too Much TV

politics veep tv The Australian Prime Minister's New Slogan Might Mean He's Been Watching Too Much TV
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