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Someone Knew Exactly What They Were Doing Making This Ad

accidental sexy ice cream not what it looks like - 8092386816
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Santa Knows Just What to Put Here

christmas accidental sexy - 7966014208
By Unknown

This Statue Commemorates the Special Love That Only a Man and Sturgeon Can Have

accidental sexy fish statue - 8005940736
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You Could Say James "Wants the Peach"

accidental sexy television fail nation - 7350277376
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Curious Packaging FAIL

packaging gross accidental sexy goatse - 6739829760
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Choice of Phrase FAIL

wording innuendo accidental sexy - 6700459008
By Unknown

Shocking Wording on That Section

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They Really Went Off the Rails With That Sesason

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Christmas Came Early This Year!

christmas gross accidental sexy fail nation - 8374864128
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Arby's is Doing a New Kind of Trade

sign accidental sexy spelling funny - 7670867712
By Unknown

The Importance of the Comma in One Picture

accidental sexy cars truck fail nation - 7374832896
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Clear Waters, Warm Butts

boat accidental sexy butt stuff headline - 8340921088
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Shapely News

news accidental sexy Perfect Timing - 8120770560
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Maybe Our Children Shouldn't Have THAT Much Fun

dude parts accidental sexy playground - 8349078272
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Is This Scratch Ticket Trying to Tell You Something?

accidental sexy not what it looks like - 7114425344
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I Always Loved Camp

accidental sexy best of week Hall of Fame sexy times shopping store - 6508002816
By Unknown
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