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If the Internet Made Wrapping Paper...

christmas whoops accidental sexy - 8408627712
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Just Tell Yourself This is a Funny Mustache

accidental sexy mustache not what it looks like sign - 8019076352
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No Comment

sign not what it sounds like accidental sexy - 7258340096

The Hardware Store is Catching on to "50 Shades" Fever

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Nope, Can't Look at That the Right Way

packaging accidental sexy goatse - 8289272320
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Santa Knows Just What to Put Here

christmas accidental sexy - 7966014208

You Want the "Double Dose"?

sign accidental sexy ice cream - 8426070528
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If That's the Case, You Might Want to Get Them Checked

sports accidental sexy what - 7311475200

Then He Had to Take a Short Break

jesus sign accidental sexy - 6962349056
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Curious Packaging FAIL

packaging gross accidental sexy goatse - 6739829760
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All it Would Take is a Few Minutes to Realize This is a Terrible URL to Own

accidental sexy url spelling fail nation g rated - 8143714560
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accidental sexy oh god why Video fail nation - 62137601

Somebody Stop and Tell Nickelodeon What "Rule 34" Means

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They Sell "Sanctuary", if You Know What I Mean

whoops accidental sexy church sexy times name - 8461787904
Created by Snake73

Wait, Ice Cream? No Sale!

headline accidental sexy fail nation - 8101369856
Created by ichc.chrispeeler ( Via Bad Newspaper )

Putting on Your Sunday Best?

advertisement accidental sexy church newspaper - 8358480896
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Not the Right Kind of Treasure Coming Out of That Booty Hole

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