S Before W, Except on Facebook

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Paper or Plastic?

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funny boss pops out glass eye to deal with annoying customer | Posted by u/Winiri 10 hours ago 2 O 6 20 3 20 9 E 12 My Boss Scared Off Rude Customers by Literally Taking Closer Look oc M used work at store, run by woman named Irene. She would buy vintage and high end items, repair them, and then sell them store didn't have multiple sizes things and only bulk items bought were little trinkets and soaps, sometimes jewelry.

Boss Uses Eye Gag to Remove Problem Customers

Now that's some stellar management.
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funny "not my job" failure moments | grey shorts with long sleeves sewn in instead of pockets | street light drilled through a bridge built overhead

"Not My Job" Moments of Unimpressive Professionalism

Yeah, close enough.
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Just a Regular Day at the Office

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The Many Stages of Alarm

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funny notes from people who quit their jobs | quit today Hey quitting come just don't really like guys no more got new job also so Each job requires 2 week notice. This is extremely unprofessional on part. Good luck eAcH jOb reQu- stfu lucky got text tf | Now this is quit job This Is Drawing Dinosaur is Also MY 2 Weeks Notice

People Who Quit Their Jobs With Style

It's a rare opportunity to be honest.
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Hide and Excrete

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Aim For The Sky

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Eighteen Minutes, That's a New Record!

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Slpelnig Fial

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That's the Important Part of the Protests

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