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Rub His Nose In It

dogs twilight witty reply - 4462171136
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nice save spelling witty reply - 4567038720
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Lord of the Rings witty reply - 5736497408
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Comeback of the Week

oh snap Pokémon witty reply - 4718238976
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Tech Money

mac parents witty reply - 5718084864
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Sleeveless Undershirt

clothes not what it sounds like witty reply - 5259896064
Created by blacksteel88

The Other Side of the Coin

battle of the sexes witty reply - 5064345344
Created by Derek Anderson

Mass Deletions

dark humor hitler witty reply - 5252359424
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Twilight = Tampax

Blood tampon twilight witty reply - 5508036864
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doctor who games Willy Wonka witty reply - 4837716736

Fowl Technology

ducks robots terminator witty reply zombie - 4878624512
Created by spiketheswede

Spelling is the key

rappers spelling witty reply - 5318248448


fixed oh snap witty reply your friends are laughing at you - 5466552064
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Same Thing My Math and History Teachers Would Say

oh snap school teachers witty reply - 5757551360
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Like a Sunburn

sunburn witty reply your friends are laughing at you - 5684608256
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duckface pic witty reply your friends are laughing at you - 5705789184
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