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Choose Your Battles Wisely

lol oh snap sexy time witty reply - 4648256000

The Toxicity of My City

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James's Prerogative

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Created by azparatrooper

Oh, Chris...

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Created by becky0790

What Could Have Caused This?

Aliens ancient aliens image meme trees witty reply - 5286070016
Created by chirpycricket

Snow Day

p33n snow witty reply - 5526755072
Created by mcjosh

Spoiled Wisdom

sailing witty reply - 5257823488

"We Are What We Repeatedly Do"

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Created by Woofers

The Purpose of the Nyan

chuck norris Nyan Cat witty reply - 5156116992
Created by SoKi_yaoi_forever

Mario's Had Enough

cheating princess relationships witty reply - 5325611776
Created by itsmebrad

Or Understands Spoken Language

baby mother witty reply - 5159876096

Throwing Like a Girl

funny Facebook screen grab of how girls always throw shoes, and a comment about how they probably all missed.

Or a Facepalm (In This Case)

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Created by eddfarmer

Sound the Alarm!

alarm iseewhatyoudidthere witty reply - 5250402560

Pretty Damn Clever

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Created by lukefletcher

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