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Optimus Rhyme

song lyrics transformers witty reply - 5253967360
By Leithal

Facts are Facts

meme oh snap witty reply you-tell-em - 4810026752
By NeoFelis

Directionally Challenged

directions right witty reply - 5749501952
By Michaela

The Biggest Mistake

battle of the sexes quotes witty reply - 4794591744
By Pollo

The Roadshow

old people witty reply - 4765478912
By emeraldmichelle

"Looking" and "Seeing"

missing the point witty reply - 5832770560
By Unknown

Like a Sunburn

sunburn witty reply your friends are laughing at you - 5684608256
By icscott


I see what you did there witty reply - 4628487936
By Unknown

Using Joey's Logic Against Him

logic witty reply wut - 4539644160
By Unknown

Hating Hipsters

first hipsters ICWUDT witty reply - 5768260864
By bac1087

We DID Rush Out of the House this Morning...

Home Alone plane witty reply - 5595355904
By batlrar

What Is Burned?

Jeopardy oh snap vague status witty reply - 4627254272
By Unknown

It's All the Same

battle of the sexes Cats witty reply - 4586383360
By Unknown

James's Prerogative

britney spears song titles win witty reply - 4904427008
By azparatrooper

Is That a Rock in Your Pants...

autocorrect romance science witty reply - 5563596800
By zgentes


Lord of the Rings witty reply - 5736497408
By Unknown
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