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oh snap spelling witty reply - 4650922496

Girls Are Like Phones

battle of the sexes oh snap witty reply - 4462171648
Created by Unknown

Someone Call John Conner

email skynet technology win witty reply - 5355641344
Created by Saint_Dekar

Mawage, That Bwessed Awangment, That Dweam Wifin a Dweam...

lol marriage witty reply - 4623880960
Created by methrowrock

Something Something Of A Down

song lyrics witty reply - 5041658880
Created by Artemisian

Man's Greatest Treasure

boobs lol spelling witty reply - 4560615424

His Preferred Social Network

App google social networking win witty reply - 5002571776
Created by Unknown

Dr. Mix-A-Lot, PhD

hip hop literal song lyrics witty reply - 4623961600
Created by Unknown

Don't Be Shellfish

keep calm meme spelling witty reply your friends are laughing at you - 4678690816
Created by Unknown

She Better...

battle of the sexes oh snap witty reply - 4679552768
Created by HandMeMyJetpack

Level 2.5

elevator Harry Potter witty reply wtf - 5050076672
Created by Eric G.

Baby Makin'

baby making milk witty reply - 5050019584
Created by Corey

Sex Is Like _____

food sex witty reply - 5351479552
Created by Shinteki

Black & White

black and white classic failbook g rated oh snap witty reply - 5732929792
Created by Unknown

Making the Best Out of Any Situation

optimism philosophical witty reply - 5310837248
Created by BaldElvis

Finals Are a B**ch

divorce finals school witty reply - 4743469824
Created by Unknown
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