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The Tao of Chunky Monkey

ice cream philosophy witty reply - 4871350528
Created by throw_sand

Dirt Nap

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The Truth About Cats and Dogs

lol no sympathy witty reply - 4532148480
Created by Cath822

Using Joey's Logic Against Him

logic witty reply wut - 4539644160

The Other Side of the Coin

battle of the sexes witty reply - 5064345344
Created by Unknown

Poor Choice of Words

lol oh snap poor choice of words witty reply - 4678513152

Legos and Babies

lego win witty reply wtf - 4485615616
Created by courta77

It Is Now

emoticons herpes witty reply - 4826420736
Created by Unknown


I see what you did there sexy times witty reply - 4531414272
Created by lol_itslaura

The Kessell Run

nerd star wars witty reply - 4652011776

It's a Miracle

jesus phone technology witty reply - 4518898432

Stereotypes Party

AutocoWrecks Party racism witty reply - 5818752256
Via etarded

Three Words

lol oh snap witty reply you asked - 4509342464

"Without Struggle There Is No Progress"

bra pic tattoo witty reply - 5655415808
Created by Anonymous

Harry Potter and the Deathly H...ELLO!

emma watson Harry Potter lol tissues witty reply - 4991041536
Created by ltwiggle


I see what you did there lol witty reply - 4538061824
Created by JuiceinLA
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