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The Great Asteroid of 1998

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Created by Unknown

Parenting In A Nutshell

dad parents sex witty reply - 5430351104
Created by LolwutSlayer

The Most Interesting User on Facebook

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Created by Unknown

Worst Pickup Lines Ever

dark humor pick-up lines witty reply - 5081097472
Created by iArielle

Dear Today

witty reply your friends are laughing at you - 5683512576
Created by Sentinel54

Pardon My French

parents swearing witty reply - 5016013824
Created by Kisurahara

"We Are What We Repeatedly Do"

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Created by Unknown

RIP Molly

oh snap rip witty reply - 4554319616
Created by WingsOfAsh

That Was a Key Point in the Process, Yes.

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Created by Whiskey13

Running from Nature

bees witty reply - 5243506176
Created by Dan

Previous Experience

oh snap witty reply - 4611729408
Created by Unknown

Breaking Down

reviews twilight witty reply - 5475391488
Created by SaracottaPie

Taio Cruz for the Verbose

lyrics meme witty reply - 4927505152
Created by Unknown

You Lost James

drama witty reply - 5198682368
Created by Unknown

In Vegas

oh snap vegas witty reply - 4925596928
Created by Ryan

Anti-Joke Chicken Strikes Again

anti joke chicken copypasta witty reply - 5186099200
Created by Grahambert
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