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Switching Teams

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Via Reddit

His Preferred Social Network

App google social networking win witty reply - 5002571776
By Unknown

My Mug is Like Me

image lol mug witty reply your friends are laughing at you - 5253868544
By EverAnon

Mawage, That Bwessed Awangment, That Dweam Wifin a Dweam...

lol marriage witty reply - 4623880960
By methrowrock

Pro Tip: Walking Away

moonwalk pro tip relationship advice witty reply - 5554724608
By brogimus

It Girl

it not what i meant witty reply - 5355266560
By Unknown


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Ke$ha Bites

keha lol teeth witty reply - 4798426368
By EeveeHearts

Good Kitty

cat justin bieber witty reply - 5196825344
By TeenTeam

I'm Following Ryan.

google myspace witty reply xkcd - 4970164480
By Unknown

Making the Best Out of Any Situation

optimism philosophical witty reply - 5310837248
By BaldElvis


Featured Fail luke skywalker Occupy Wall Street star wars win witty reply - 5328673280
By Jay Jenkins

Enjoying ______ While Listening to ______.

win witty reply wordplay - 4542323968
By Unknown


autocorrect jesus keha witty reply - 5255921152
By Lindsey

The Fresh Queen

fresh prince parents witty reply - 4541671936
By Trevor

Use Lotion?

witty reply - 5064377088
By William_Shears
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