Teenagers Will Argue About Literally Anything, Like Chicken Nuggets

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Quadruple 360 Fakie Negative. Excellent Grammar!

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By Adam

This Isn't the End That Mr. Nibbles Deserved

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What's Going on Here, Spambot?

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Just a Reminder: Jaden Smith Still Has the Best-Worst Tweets

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The Twitter Has Become the Tweeter

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Some People Have Strange Definitions of "Mint Condition"

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An Iron Fist and What?

dude parts what language - 8500822016
By TheMom

How Much Bad Science Can You Fit into One Youtube Comment?

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The Thesaurus is a Deadly Weapon Meant Only for a Chosen Few

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Perfect for Those Late-Night Tumblr Fans. You Know Who You Are.

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Remember St. Valentine, the Irish One?

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Only a Marxist Couldn't Enjoy a Good Boning

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He Probably Pays Better Child Support

jesus moms what pregnant - 8429107200
By Unknown

Autocorrect Can't Fix Stupid

autocorrect phone what iphone - 8353778688
By XX668.5

Not a Single Piece of This Sentence Makes Sense

martin luther king jr comments MLK trolling what troll youtube - 8340083968
Via Naems
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