This is Getting too Literary for Me

crazy wisdom what failbook g rated - 8371190784
Created by xnevermorex

Cotton-Fresh Social Media Power

what facebook failbook g rated - 8186682880
Via Brown Cardigan

What Kind of Third World Nation, Again?

doctor who geography what failbook g rated - 8313246208
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And it's Worth Two in the Bush!

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You Think This is a Game, Son?

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Financial Wisdom From Someone Who Probably Can't Tie Their Own Shoes

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Any Dumb Lie Can be True if You Slap Some Emoji on it!

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The Final Frontier of Terrible Facebook Posts

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Created by Unknown

A New Challenger Approaches!

Bill Gates what - 8082412544
Created by Unknown

Jason Vorho-ho-horhees

fake christmas what failbook - 8397965056
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We've Officially Gone too Far: There's a Knockoff Mobile Game Featuring Anna From "Frozen" Pregnant

apps what frozen knockoff - 8428360448
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Close Up Shop, Captions Aren't Going to Get Better

lady bits what weird - 8108909568
Created by mtndewmaniac

New Rule: If You Can Think of it, it Has a Facebook Fan Page

facebook peeing what - 8140771328
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Correlation, Causation, Who Gives a Crap!

dude parts what science - 8425250816
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Facebook: Where Middle School Insecurities Go to Thrive

drama what - 8141171200
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That's the Cotton-Scented Secret

Via distinguishedbaloney
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