A New Challenger Approaches!

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Why Are You Typing Like I Write Headlines?

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A Great Crime Has Been Committed Against Hashtags Today

facepalm hashtags what - 8431258112
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Some People Have Strange Definitions of "Mint Condition"

for sale phone what - 8397966592
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Somewhere in the Middle of This Rant on Coyotes, All the Messages Got Mixed

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That's About Seven Jobs in One

title jobs work what - 8120442624
Created by gonesoft

We Are Not Worthy, We Are Not Worthy!

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If Any Part of This Argument Makes Sense to You, Get Your Head Checked

facepalm lgbtq what wrong failbook - 8342832384
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High Level Political Discourse Courtesy of Satirical Fan Pages

barack obama facebook what - 8197289984
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Luckily She Isn't the One Determining Everybody's Rights

lgbtq what burn politics failbook - 8485730304
Created by randall78

Are You Making a Comment or Trying to Code in Here?

nerdgasm what - 8240671232
Created by anonymous.scott

Somebody Needs to Give This Guy Some Directions

sexy times lady bits what - 8196301056
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This Went From Angry to Insane Real Fast

rant what ladybits - 8032176128
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True Fact, Budgies Can't Get Sick

birds medicine pets what - 8416662528
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Somebody Should Tell Boxer Riddick Bowe How Female Anatomy Works

twitter lady bits what - 8244203008
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Curse You Firemen, and Your Dutiful Thankless Service!

what rage - 8224920832
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