And You Will Know for I Am the LORD, and I Will Like and Retweet This

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There's Two Sides to Every Middle School Boy

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Weird, Most People Just Call it "Friday"

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Dinosaurs Are a Gateway Drug to Butt Touching, You Heard it Here First

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Food: Now With Less Food

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Jason Vorho-ho-horhees

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That's TOTALLY Not Something a Crazy Person Would do

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What Kind of Lows Have You Reached When You Try to Sell Leftovers?

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Way to Bring Down the Tone of the Room

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The Robots Are Taking Over, and They Want to Fap!

Screen grab of a funny exchange on Omegle about how toasters are basically sex robots we are helping.
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Facebook, Good Book, IT ALL ADDS UP!

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And While Rome Burned, Nero Tried to Figure Out What the Heck These Numbers Mean

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No Home, Few Possessions, All Class

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Classic: Follow Your Dreams, Get a Pet

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Curse You Firemen, and Your Dutiful Thankless Service!

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Those Are Nowhere Near the Same Thing, Entertainment Weekly

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