Flo, We Need to Have a Talk. Also, Give Me My Stapler Back.

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Pretty Sure That's Not How Gravity Works, Dude

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Practicality Means Nothing on the Ranch

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Yes, I Should Sign Up for This... for Science...

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Time to Unfriend Some Ignorant Fools

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Challenge of the Day: Teens are Summoning a Mexican Demon Named ‘Charlie’

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I Take All my Relationship Advice From Vague, Confusing Geometry Analogies

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There Really is a Fan Page for Everything

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Somebody Call an Ambulance, He's Had a Stroke

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Hypothetically, What if I Just Aired This for Everyone to See?

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Finally, I've Been Wondering How to Weaponize My Waste!

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Double Negatives Are a Beautiful Thing

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What Do You Think This is, a Stupid Factory?

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Proper Nouns Are Fun Words That Let Us Know What You're Talking About. Here Are None of Them.

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The Dawn of the Autobots

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They're Trapped in a Tumblr Vortex!

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