Strangers > Family

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Ridiculously Photogenic Monkey

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Her Medal Would Make the Perfect Horcrux

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See! Totally Worth It

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Someone is Going to Get Fired for TWC News Austin's Dong-tastic Accidental Tweet

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There's No More Cuddly Way to Sleep

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Chris Brown Was Denied His Tour Dates in Canada, Drake's Fans Respond

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We Were Counting on You for ONE Thing, CIA

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12 Movies That Would be Vastly Improved by the Inclusion of Guy Fieri

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the lion king in the hood

'The Lion King' Becomes a Slightly Different Story When Retold as If Simba and Nala Were "From the Hood"

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So, How Was Your Thanksgiving?

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People on Twitter react to person's complaint about the Mario game being racist to Spanish-speaking people.

Girl Complains About Mario Being Racist, Gets Shredded By People On Twitter

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That Painter Sadness

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Another Oft-Overlooked Connection Between Introverts and Vampires

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Make Pooping Great Again

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We Need Stronger Earmuffs!

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