angry dog twitter wearing clothes

Twitter Can't Get Enough of This Angry Dog That Was Found Wearing Pants and a Sweater

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And Now We Play the Waiting Game...

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If Social Media Sites Were Keds

facebook fashion shoes social media twitter youtube - 6188462080
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If Your Job Was Closed-Captioning the Kardashians, You Might Have Tried to Slip This In Too

funny fail image Keeping Up With the Kardashians caption whore
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Funny tweets, relatable tweets, random tweets, twitter memes, comedy, comic, parenting, dating | logan @brainwxrms IOVA imagine being girl and having keep an extra pair underwear ur car just case some dude revs his truck up at stop light

29 Clever & Relatable Tweets For Short Attention Spans

Short and sweet, baby.
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twitter list donald trump Hillary Clinton reactions - 823045

Twitter Had a Meltdown After Hillary Sent That "Delete Your Account" Tweet, Here Are Some of the Best Reactions

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twitter list growing up glasses - 581893

The Struggle Is Real When You're Growing Up With Glasses

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ivanka trump's husband jared kushner building a glass dildo building

People Are Roasting the Life Out of Ivanka's In-Laws For Building Skyscraper That Looks Like Giant Glass Dildo

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I'm Sure You "Chose" Every Bit of It

twitter the onion satire - 8406396672
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As it Turns Out, Pigs Totally CAN Fly, so Long as They Can Keep to Themselves

twitter pig airplane flying - 8391343360
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You'll Need a Diaper Change Eventually Too!

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We Were Counting on You for ONE Thing, CIA

twitter tupac - 8249658368
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The Average Joes

twitter olympics - 8968662016
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Twitter Trends: #FutureMittJokes

barack obama election 2012 Mitt Romney paul ryan twitter - 6537700608
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The Apple Watch is Here! Or Maybe it Was Here the Whole time?

apple technology twitter failbook g rated - 8313825536
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Shaq shows off his gross feet on live television and people react with horrified opinions on Twitter.

Shaq Shows Off His Horrific Feet on Live TV and Nobody Can Handle the Gross Factor

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