dudes roast each other in a non politically correct way

Friends Have Good-Humored Racist Joke War on Twitter

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This Just Makes My Faith Plummet

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funny tweets

Woman Tweets Funny Thoughts About The Animals In Her Life

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tweets funny memes cat cats dog dogs otter giraffe cute funny wholesome fierce badass fox butterfly bear lion cow | @riryou_ u cat owners. are so lucky have cat house cat living with cat privilege adorable cats sleeping on top of open books

Weekly Treats; Animal Tweets (September 7th, 2020)

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Poor Cat

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people asking christians for a drive to the airport

Everyone Wants This Man to Drive Them to the Airport After an Angry Christmas Tweet

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But That's OUR Thing!

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Nobody Gets Fresh Like Mom and Dad

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Dedicated One-Upsmanship, Courtesy of Twitter

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Murdering Cool Since Forever

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Florida man headlines that are born ready to be memes

41 Times Florida Man Proved He Is Not the Hero We Need

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FAIL kfc NSFW twitter - 782085

KFC Australia Is Getting Fried to a Crisp for Hilarious "NSFW" Tweet

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One Whale's Puke Is Another Man's Treasure

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hockey NHL twitter - 790021

This Dude Watched His First Hockey Game and Live-Tweeted His Entire Life Changing Experience

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twitter FAIL list food - 1003269

People Are Losing Their Sh*t Over Jimmy John's Twitter Calling Someone Out For Eating Ass

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