twitter romance reactions high school win - 1151237

Guy with Purest of Intentions Sneaks out at 2 AM to Give His BFF a Hug, and Twitter Definitely Doesn't Want to 'Friend-Zone' Him

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Taylor Swift 101

taylor swift parody Music twitter - 8370096128
Via TaylorExplained
Donald Trump drives people insane over the mystery of the misplaced apostrophe.

Donald Trump Drives Internet Insane Over Mystery Of The Apostrophe

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social media against clowns

With All These Clown Sightings, Twitter is Fed Up and Ready With #IfISeeaClown

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See! Totally Worth It

twitter pizza dad - 8822418688
Via @concedead

False: Justin Bieber is "Available"

twitter fifty shades of grey twilight tweet justin bieber - 6763470080
By Unknown

So, Why is This Cloud Data Company Using Sexy Ladies to Advertise?

Via Daily Dot

Everybody Gets One (Unsolicited Message From Spider-Man)

twitter flirting Spider-Man failbook g rated - 8368636416
Via Brown Cardigan

Tweeting in the Fourth Dimension

gifs phone twitter - 8355362304
Via FrozenInferno

A Man-Centric Twitter Account Tried to Shame This Guy's Wedding Pics, and He Responds Perfectly

Via AdamHSays
kanye west crigneworthy hair

People Are Going All In On the Sass For Kanye West's New Extremely Cringeworthy Do

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an onion gets more followers than donald trump

These People Are Determined to Get Half An Onion More Followers on Twitter Than The Real Donald Trump

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funny tweets about a cursed root

Woman's Scary Twitter Thread About Cursed Root Will Make Your Skin Crawl

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A Parade of Human Stupidity

twitter hashtag brands facepalm failbook - 8396061696
By anselmbe

Want to Bring Down King Joffrey?

twitter Game of Thrones - 8133409792
By Tyler Stenburg (Via Bring Down the King)

Desperate Times and Measures

twitter fap lady bits bewbs - 8058503168
By Unknown
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