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Tom Hardy's Myspace Pictures Will Remind You of Your Own Human Failings

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Tired of Dudes Asking for Nudes? Throw Them Off the Scent With a Photo of a Loading Photo

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Understanding Social Media

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Etiquette Demands You Put Your Phone Away During Meals

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This is Your Captain Speaking

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What You Post on Facebook vs What Your Parents Think Your Post Means

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Don't Tag Me Bro

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The Irony is Too Strong Here, We Don't Know What To Believe

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Somebody Hacked the NFL's Twitter Account to Announce Roger Goodell’s Death

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39 Funny Tweets To Keep Your Saturday Kicking Along

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Funny social media interactions from the Australian Federal Police Facebook account.

This Australian Police Facebook Account's Dishing Out Amazing Comedic Gems

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Social media and texting insults that left people in ruins.

18 Ruthless Texting and Social Media Burns That Left People Obliterated

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How Social Media is Changing Your Brain

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If You Need Social Media to Know That You Care After a Tragedy, You Need This App

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Somebody Give a Medal to Whoever Runs the Goat Simulator Social Media Accounts

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Ten liars who got called out on social media in hilarious fashion.

10 People Who Failed to Spin Their Web of Lies In Terrible Fashion

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