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Truthful Tweets About Parenting

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Funny cringey tough guys, badass, yikes, reddit, social media posts | man reaches certain age where he doesn't want any drama. He doesn't want fight anyone, and IF forced he will not fight fair. He will not quit and there are no weapons he will not use s best leave him alone | SPORT BIBLE Emirates FLY BETTER Zlatan Ibrahimovi lbra_official tested negative Covid yesterday and positive today. No symptoms so ever. Covid had courage challenge Bad idea

16 Examples Of Cringey Tough Guys

We're shook.
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Don't Tag Me Bro

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Facebook in Real Life: Politics

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This Punny Parody of Tainted Love Will Have You Reading Twitter Handle Names Differently

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Treat of the Day: Facebook Gives the Good Candy and Releases Halloween-themed Reaction Emojis

facebook releases halloween emoji reactions
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James Corden Helped Alanis Morissette Update Her 'Ironic' Lyrics to 2015

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A Twitter thread about a dude discovering an awesome, ancient computer | LOCKED John Pfaff @JohnFPfaff 10h Oh God. An Apple lle. Sat my parents' attic years. Decades. And works. Put an old game disk. Asks if want restore saved game. And finds one must be 30 years old 10 years old again

Twitter Thread: Man Discovers Ancient Computer

It's an actual treasure.
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Idiot goes on rant about being a party animal and gets rightfully called out.

Idiot Gets Hilariously Called Out After Going on Stupid Rant About Being a Party Animal

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Just Because I Accepted Your Friend Request Doesn't Mean I'm Listening

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If You're a CEO of a Retail Chain and Want to Do a Reddit AMA, Learn From REI's Mistakes

fail CEO of REI does a reddit AMA and past employees shed light on truth of working there
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Literally Rolling in Upvotesharetweets

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Star Wars Burgers

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comebacks | tweet by abby @abbypauline been 7 car accidents this year, y'all can't tell God doesr have plan senpai @jasminsenju Girl sound like he tryna kill u

Clever Comebacks That Deserve A Plaque For Their Spice

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A Night Out Ain't What It Used to Be

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Times that people were total mad lads online | Chronic Insomniac @HoneyCinnamon_ My uncle just sent message family group asking money privately messaged him asking banking details so can deposit He responded saying he doesn't actually need money. He asked money so nobody family would ask him money | lan Sausage @stephenjmolloy 3S @NatGeo Can please follow back so can DM got some new research is going blow mind! Following National Geographic O @NatGeo Follows Ducks don't actually

Mad Lads That Are Agents Of Pure Chaos

Mad lads have no time for silly rules.
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