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user tweets and explores how the 10 year challenge on facebook hurts privacy

Twitter Thread Will Make You See Why Facebook's 10 Year Challenge Meme Isn't Harmless

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But Where's All the Love From Random Strangers?

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A Quick Rundown of Each Social Network

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People Who Haven't Seen Hamilton Describe a Scene

image hamilton social media People Who Haven't Seen Hamilton Describe a Scene
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Mom posts picture of herself using a bong while breastfeeding to Facebook, and the comments are way too positive about her behavior.

Mom Posts Twisted Breastfeeding Picture to Facebook Using Her New Bong, Experiences Warranted Backlash

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Funny tweets, random tweets, love, shakespeare, animal tweets.

27 Clever Tweets You'll Wish You Twote

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It Wasn't Me

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Created by Usagi
Angry mom goes on Facebook rant about how her son doesn't have to share with other kids.

People Are Beside Themselves Over This Mom's Facebook Rant About How Her Kid Doesn't Have to Share

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Understanding Social Media

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Facebook trolls Brendan Sullivan and Robert Graves

16 Times Brendan Sullivan And Robert Graves' Facebook Trolling Game Was A 5/7

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Beer and Social Media

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Ten liars who got called out on social media in hilarious fashion.

10 People Who Failed to Spin Their Web of Lies In Terrible Fashion

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Funny social media interactions from the Australian Federal Police Facebook account.

This Australian Police Facebook Account's Dishing Out Amazing Comedic Gems

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Collection of people that were displays of pure stupidity on social media.

28 Brainless Mouth-Breathing Idiots Who Need All the Help They Can Get

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Times that people were total mad lads online | Chronic Insomniac @HoneyCinnamon_ My uncle just sent message family group asking money privately messaged him asking banking details so can deposit He responded saying he doesn't actually need money. He asked money so nobody family would ask him money | lan Sausage @stephenjmolloy 3S @NatGeo Can please follow back so can DM got some new research is going blow mind! Following National Geographic O @NatGeo Follows Ducks don't actually

Mad Lads That Are Agents Of Pure Chaos

Mad lads have no time for silly rules.
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drama work social media Video - 72756481

This is Exactly What We All Want to do When Someone Hops on a Social Media Drama Soapbox

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