Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.

Bowling for Puns

puns bowling ebola Probably bad News - 8357522944
Created by mcaisse77

Do it for America, do it for Jigsaw

eagles puns - 8080998912
Created by jolienemarie

White-Washing the Bathroom Stall

I see what you did there puns racism witty reply - 4648198656
Created by Kat


everyone is laughing food puns win - 4123289856
Created by Unknown

I Question Mark The Logic Of This Post

good friends its-not-what-you-think puns The Spelling Wizard - 3691992064
Created by Unknown

Arnold Gets the Poetry He Deserves

puns Arnold Schwarzenegger poetry failbook g rated - 8234625280
Created by Kia

The Ball is in Your Court

dude parts puns Oversharing - 8110647296
Created by Max C. Webster, III

Darth Raid-er

obi-wan kenobi star wars puns - 7786469376
Created by Unknown

Jokes for Smart People

Featured Fail lol puns science win - 4402600960
Created by Unknown

Stiff Words for Stiff Folks

dude parts puns Wait For It failbook - 8235078144
Created by JustHere4Coffee
puns about mike pence and musicals

Twitter Came Up With Some Clever #NameAPenceMusical That are Equal Parts Hilarious and Depressing

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Quite a Latte Puns

puns coffee - 7022647296
Created by stuckfix


lol puns win - 3998352640
Created by Unknown

Missing Cat

cat oh snap puns - 4839439616
Created by Unknown

We Are All Emmy

friends puns facebook names - 8579454976
Created by Unknown


puns oxygen failbook g rated - 7035907328