Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.

Family of Nerds

Chemistry family nerds puns win - 5021014528
By Emsterbem


fan pages I see what you did there puns sexy times - 3440608768
By Unknown

A Fapulous Response

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By Bobby-Jo

Jokes for Smart People

Featured Fail lol puns science win - 4402600960
By Unknown

Beware Loose... Watch?

arrested development puns twitter - 8256636928
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Feel the Char-Broiled Burn

cows puns workout - 8255171840
By Katie

Clever Jokes About Music Your Parents Listened To

mick jagger Music puns song lyrics song titles the rolling stones - 5234047744
By SmackTubby
Funny tumblr moments | pteapotdactyl weareallfromearth Follow getlitaesthetic Follow Today 10:12 want 6 pet sloths so can name them after every sin except sloth Today my wife texted this, and then immediately called make sure got because an urgent message Source

Random Funny Tumblr Gems to Fill Those Pockets

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Proof That Single-Mom's Can Do it All

funny twitter image mom joke at it's best
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Aand the Unintentional Pun of the Month Award Goes To:

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You Should Feel Important Now!

puns percentages - 7846503168
By Unknown

Nando's Knows How to Spice Up Your Date

funny facebook image guy complains about spicy food on nandos facebook
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Really Going for the Jugular

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By buttcheeksmcgee

Time to Drop That Beet

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By Unknown

Face Book

comic creepy puns - 4843335168
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This Conversation Really Went Down the Tubes

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