Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.

9/11 Jokes

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By Unknown

A Case of Mistaken Condiments

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By Unknown

Dad Will Be Here All Week Folks, Try the Veal!

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Looking for Stiffies from Stiffs

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By Sven

Power(Point) Through These Puns

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Rhyme Games

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By Geekykittie


puns size does matter status war win - 3650430464
By Unknown

Well Now I'm Hungry

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By savannamia

That's a Hard Job

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By Martina

A Wild Shirt Appears, What do You do?

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By xavano

We're Gonna Shake the Bones Tonight

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Via pleatedjeans

Allie is the Kind of Friend You Can't Really Hate

Via Acid Cow

Way to Crack That Joke

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By Unknown

Arise, Sir

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By Boba_Threat

Face Book

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theories on what made the dinosaurs go extinct with a pun about the rapture

Twitter Theorizes Why the Dinosaurs Really Went Extinct

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