Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.

I'll Take a Snoop Corndog to Go!

Text - 1 hr Columbus, OH I'm gonna drop out of school and run a food truck where all the food is named after rappers. Wu-Tang Clams. Philly CheeseDrakes. Lil Kimchi Notorious BLT. A Tribe Called Queso. Kanye Asada. Waka Flocka Flambé. Method Manicotti. Bone Thugs-n-Hamburger. NiQuinoa Minaj. Unlike Comment Share You, N and 21 others like this. Ghostface Kielbasa 1 hr Like 2 |Grandmaster Hash browns 1 hr Like 2 J. Coleslaw 1 hr Like 4 |I would invest in that so fast! 1 hr Like 1 T-Pain au chocola
By HalesFogno

Your Puns Are Not Very Cleaver

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By Jennifer Nguyen

That's Not Where They're From?

Text - Sam Wednesday They say that Jupiter's moon, Europa, might actually contain water. And its underground lakes might even contain life! That means there could be Europeans.. Wait, what? Unlike Comment Share and 6 others like this. You, Christ Write a comment...
By jolienemarie

I Don't Mean to Discriminate but Rule Are Rules

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By jc2581 (Via

The Fans Are the Important Part

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Via Brown Cardigan

There You Go.

chris brown iseewhatyoudidthere puns - 5244345088
By Unknown

This Relationship is Going in the Wrong Direction

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By Unknown
pun about donuts being cruel and also cruller

10 Reasons Why Donuts Are Better Than People

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Weapuns of Math Destruction

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By Unknown

Fifty Shades of Puns

thread of facebook comments
By Ricardo I.


countries good friends puns The Spelling Wizard - 3531716864
By Unknown

White-Washing the Bathroom Stall

I see what you did there puns racism witty reply - 4648198656
By Kat

Tip Your Server, They'll Be Performing All Week!

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By Steve


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By Unknown

You Down to Cluck, Baby?

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Via vodkaslumber

Just a Phase You're Going Through?

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By ACE275
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