Just Doing Some Plumbing

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Music comments parody Video - 63715073

"Trapped in the Comments" is a Social Take on R. Kelley's Ridiculous Hip Hop Opera

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Everyone Knows That One Guy Who Only Posts Sad Stories On Facebook

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Taylor Swift 101

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New England Is a Special Place

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Picture + Caption = FACTS

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If the Titanic Had Wi-Fi

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Twitter account features funny and weird local news headlines.

This Twitter Account Rounds Up Hilarious Local News Headlines

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Disappearing Messages? Forget That, Try a Disappearing App!

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Such a Brave Stance

the onion parody satire feminism - 8368616960
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facebook parody Video - 59453953

Tired of All of Your Friends? These Are the Facebook Features for You.

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A Town Hall Meeting for the Newest Class of Emoji

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Making Your Own Perfect Woman


Somebody Get These Poor Children Off the Internet!

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Too Cheap for an Apple Watch? How About an Apple Pocketwatch?

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