Game of Thrones parody facebook Video - 80807937

Thank Goodness the Game of Thrones Characters Don't Have Facebook

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apple watch parody watch Video - 69376513

The Real Reason the New Gold Apple Watch Costs $10,000

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The Fresh Prince of the South

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air parody racism song lyrics - 5173562880
parody social media Video - 65437953

If the Social Network Ello Were a Place, We'd Never Want to Go There

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donald trump narrating a nature program

People Imagine Donald Trump Narrating Planet Earth and It's Tremendous

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parody facebook Video The Walking Dead - 83167489

Be Thankful That the Characters on The Walking Dead Don't Use Facebook

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Spoiler: The Faceboat Sinks at the End

Mark Zuckerberg Movie parody titanic - 6288085504
By R0lemodel
Music phone parody Video - 71217153

Why Bother Looking at Anything When You Can LOOK AT YOUR PHONE?

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It's 11:00 PM, Do You KNow What Your Children Are Meme-ing?

acronym parody kids these days texting failbook g rated - 8419533568
Via Brown Cardigan

Yeah, All the REAL Games Are Over Here for Us

twitter parody satire video games failbook - 8301052160
Via AtlasSmugged

Our Hearts Go Out to the Not-Victims

the onion facepalm parody satire - 8174910976
Via Literally Unbelievable
parody Video iphone - 64509953

Meanwhile, Cavemen Are Pretty Stoked about the iStone 6

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apple watch parody conan obrien apple Video - 69625089

Too Cheap for an Apple Watch? How About an Apple Pocketwatch?

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Twitter account features funny and weird local news headlines.

This Twitter Account Rounds Up Hilarious Local News Headlines

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instagram parody Video failbook g rated - 58207489

Instagram: 80s Edition

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Every Horror Movie Ever, as Told Through Facebook

horror halloween parody failbook - 8349090816
Via Mandatory
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