Making Your Own Perfect Woman


Please, Get Your Facts Straight

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Have You Gotten Your Daily Dose?

comments parody satire youtube - 8342005504
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twitter parody puns social media Video - 72932609

This Punny Parody of Tainted Love Will Have You Reading Twitter Handle Names Differently

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This Guy Really Should Have Been in "Humans of New York"

instagram parody new york failbook g rated - 8428358656
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Picture + Caption = FACTS

parody fake satire failbook g rated - 8321337600
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Yeah, All the REAL Games Are Over Here for Us

twitter parody satire video games failbook - 8301052160
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apple parody Video apple watch failbook - 64284417

Parody of the Day: Meet the iWatch... or Apple Watch... or Something

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Every Horror Movie Ever, as Told Through Facebook

horror halloween parody failbook - 8349090816
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Somebody Get These Poor Children Off the Internet!

kids these days parody school satire the onion failbook - 8361285632
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Spoiler: The Faceboat Sinks at the End

Mark Zuckerberg Movie parody titanic - 6288085504
Created by R0lemodel
facebook Harry Potter parody Video - 83693569

It's a Good Thing Computers Don't Work in the Wizarding World Because Harry Potter Should Probably Stay off of Facebook

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apple watch parody watch Video - 69376513

The Real Reason the New Gold Apple Watch Costs $10,000

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parody selfie Video - 71771905

The Best Selfie Stick Anyone Could Ask for? An Actual Friend!

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Just Doing Some Plumbing

twitter parody nerdgasm video games failbook g rated - 8163910656
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Such a Brave Stance

the onion parody satire feminism - 8368616960
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