parody Video iphone failbook - 64508673

What if the iPhone 6 Were ACTUALLY Better Than its Predecessors?

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There's Already a Film Adaptation in the Works

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parody social media Video jimmy fallon - 65086209

The Pros and Cons of Ello, the Ad-Free Minimalist Social Network

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Put Those "%" Signs to Good Use With F***yerhashtag

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The Fresh Prince of the South

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air parody racism song lyrics - 5173562880

When You Can't Even Distinguish Parody From Reality, Something is a Problem

youtube trolling parody youtube comments Reddit - 8382548480
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apple parody Video apple watch failbook - 64284417

Parody of the Day: Meet the iWatch... or Apple Watch... or Something

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Spoiler: The Faceboat Sinks at the End

Mark Zuckerberg Movie parody titanic - 6288085504
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Music phone parody Video - 71217153

Why Bother Looking at Anything When You Can LOOK AT YOUR PHONE?

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Always Teach the Controversey

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parodying fitness instagram models

If You're Full of All the #EatClean Posts on Instagram, This is the Break Your Feed Needs

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Our Hearts Go Out to the Not-Victims

the onion facepalm parody satire - 8174910976
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parody facebook Video The Walking Dead - 83167489

Be Thankful That the Characters on The Walking Dead Don't Use Facebook

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This Guy Really Should Have Been in "Humans of New York"

instagram parody new york failbook g rated - 8428358656
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If You Can't Recognize Satire, Maybe Weed DOES Make You Stupid...

drugs marijuana parody satire - 8438117632
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Weird Al Gives a Grammar Lesson You're Gonna Want to Dance to

grammar parody funny - 8256270080
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