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Social Media Warfare, but That's Just the Power of Pine Sol, Baby!

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Created by Elizabeth

The Roadshow

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Created by emeraldmichelle

Oh, Old People...

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Created by CyberPitz

Facebook Has Really Changed You, Doris

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Via tpolisher

A Tipsy Martha Stewart Rode a Hoverboard?!

funny twitter image A Tipsy Martha Stewart Rode a Hoverboard
Via @MarthaStewart

Even if They Put SATIRE in the Headline...

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Old People Who Take Facebook Too Seriously

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Created by Unknown
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Former Hipsters

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Wanted: Friendly Greeter for Vatican Walmart

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Created by Unknown

The Most Clueless Grandma or a Master Troll?

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Created by intestinalheist

The Machines Bite Back!

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Created by NeilRashbrook ( Via ThePoke )

Grandpa Knows What He Likes

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Created by grandpa

Target-Brand Lemonade Did Not Test Well Among the Phyllis Demographic

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Created by Unknown

Greeting at the Pearly Gates

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Now to Put These in the Scrapbook...

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Carolyn's Experimenting with Her Look

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