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Target-Brand Lemonade Did Not Test Well Among the Phyllis Demographic

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Wait For It ...

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Daisy is the Chair, Clearly

what parentbook old people Cats - 8355829760
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Carolyn's Experimenting with Her Look

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The Best People on the Internet Are Also the Loneliest

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An Irish Bus Driver's Act of Kindness Will Cheer Up Anyone's Cynical Mood

heartwarming facebook image bus driver in Cork Ireland tied old woman's shoes for her
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Even if They Put SATIRE in the Headline...

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Trust the Shirtless Old Guy, He'll Sell You a Sweet Laptop

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Grandpa Knows What He Likes

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The Perils of Having a Common E-Mail Address

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Now to Put These in the Scrapbook...

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Sometimes Public Transportation Can Remind You That People Aren't All That Bad After All

heartwarming facebook post shows old man teaching a young man to tie his tie
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When Grandma Uses Facebook

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Greeting at the Pearly Gates

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