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Old People Who Take Facebook Too Seriously

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Created by Unknown

Old People Writing on a Restaurant's Facebook Page

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Trust the Shirtless Old Guy, He'll Sell You a Sweet Laptop

Via DrMiscellaneous

A Tipsy Martha Stewart Rode a Hoverboard?!

funny twitter image A Tipsy Martha Stewart Rode a Hoverboard
Via @MarthaStewart

Grandma Needs a Little Extra Help With Her Phone

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Via Logic2121

In the Trenches of Customer Service

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Created by akv3

Chain Mail: It Was Cool in the 90s, So Why Not Now?

chain mail old people spam failbook g rated - 8241642752
Via SnipeyMcSnipe

No One Can Resist Those Damn Birds

angry birds parentbook old people - 8277739776
Via I Heart Chaos

The Machines Bite Back!

siri phone old people failbook - 8325511680
Created by NeilRashbrook ( Via ThePoke )

Greeting at the Pearly Gates

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Via iraffiruse

Just Doing His Part

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Created by Rocks_with_Salt

When Grandma Uses Facebook

cake dogs grandma old people turtle - 6411779840
Created by Unknown

The Best People on the Internet Are Also the Loneliest

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Created by littledevil9

Wait For It ...

old people polite - 6154675968
Created by Unknown

Sally Has a Long Way to Go on the Internet

parentbook old people failbook - 8275294208
Via I Heart Chaos

Carolyn's Experimenting with Her Look

old people profile pics technology - 4995317760
Created by Unknown
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