The More You Know Interracial Rainbow

barack obama black obama politics race - 6231375616
Created by Benjamin Johnson

Bipartisanship at Its Finest

obama ice cream hurricane sandy - 6729463808
Created by Unknown

President Obama's 4/20 Townhall

420 obama politics - 4667349248
Created by Britani Franklin

Missing the Point

obama Romney election 2012 barack obama Mitt Romney election - 6663403776
Created by Amber

Go What a Tree?

navy seals obama Osama Bin Laden politics - 4721794560
Created by Unknown

It's Best to Go for Subtlety

2012 barack obama election 2012 obama - 6585443840
Created by Unknown

The War on Druggeds

election 2012 obama barack obama Romney Mitt Romney United Nations politics - 6640075520
Created by Unknown

A Racist Is You

black fried chicken homeless obama racist white - 6090981888
Created by Unknown

Unless the Cops Find Out You're Under 21

guns obama road rage driving Walmart - 7865002496
Created by Unknown
tweets by a cartoon version of Donald Trump

Cartoon Donald Trump Live-Tweets Obama's Farewell Speech and It's Even More Ridiculous Than We Could've Hoped For

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Calling in Gay

homosexuality obama sick - 5117303040
Created by Autumn

Fresh Out the Bunker

obama failbook facebook election 2016 - 8811779072
Created by emilyantillar

Is It '2012?'

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Created by Unknown

Okay, Will Do!

obama gun control - 6999721728
Created by aaimn gao

Obama 2016!

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Created by etorger2

Thanks, Obama!

obama taxes thanks obama - 7050259968
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