Unless the Cops Find Out You're Under 21

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Obama Hands

government shutdown Music obama barack obama failbook g rated - 7865059584
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Obama the Family Man

obama family - 7905570560
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Change We Can Believe In

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Thanks, Obama!

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President Obama's 4/20 Townhall

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Doubting Thomas

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Maybe You Should Learn How to Spell

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Obama's Last Name

facepalm name obama really - 5321840896
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It's "Davis"

obama barack obama - 7819891200
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Osama Bin Burnin'

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A Racist Is You

black fried chicken homeless obama racist white - 6090981888
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Nac Ew Sey!

illuminati obama Conspiracy Theory thanks obama - 7852842752
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Hurricane Isaac Delays RNC, Displays Clear Liberal Bias

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Obama's tweets tin the style of Trump

Hilarious Twitter Account Changes Obama's Tweets to Sound Like Trump's

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Obama 2016!

government shutdown obama thanks obama election - 7834478848
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