Pepsi is the Only Righteous Soda

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If World Events Were Your Annoying Facebook Friends That Always Popped Up on Your News Feed

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Nac Ew Sey!

illuminati obama Conspiracy Theory thanks obama - 7852842752

Hurricane Isaac Delays RNC, Displays Clear Liberal Bias

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What is a "Gay Ad?"

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Making a Political Rant on Your Phone? Don't Hit Copy and Paste by Accident...

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Osama Bin Burnin'

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Calling in Gay

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Unless the Cops Find Out You're Under 21

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Doubting Thomas

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Grab a Poptard

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You're a Naughty Man, Mr. President

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Created by Angie

Obama 2016!

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Sassy Shinki Weighs In on the New White House Arrival

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Ten Tweets About Obamacare

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Created by S Money
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