Pepsi is the Only Righteous Soda

fox news gay marriage obama pepsi soda - 6213110528
By Mouse

It's Best to Go for Subtlety

2012 barack obama election 2012 obama - 6585443840
By Unknown

The Fox News Generation

election 2012 facepalm obama the onion - 5653367808
By kc861

If World Events Were Your Annoying Facebook Friends That Always Popped Up on Your News Feed

barack obama failbook Mitt Romney news North Korea obama - 6179737344
Via College Humor
Obama's tweets tin the style of Trump

Hilarious Twitter Account Changes Obama's Tweets to Sound Like Trump's

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lol obama oh snap win - 4245954816
By Unknown

Grab a Poptard

obama Romney election - 6740192256
By Unknown

Nac Ew Sey!

illuminati obama Conspiracy Theory thanks obama - 7852842752
By Unknown


obama oh snap politics - 4864852736
By zingarette

Obama the Family Man

obama family - 7905570560
By Christina

Geography FAIL

alaska obama Mitt Romney barack obama election - 6739203840
By SadieH

Fresh Out the Bunker

obama failbook facebook election 2016 - 8811779072
By emilyantillar

Hurricane Isaac Delays RNC, Displays Clear Liberal Bias

conspiracy election 2012 failbook obama rnc tweet - 6544730624
By Unknown

It's "Davis"

obama barack obama - 7819891200
By Unknown

Missing the Point

obama Romney election 2012 barack obama Mitt Romney election - 6663403776
By Amber

Change We Can Believe In

adam sandler barack obama movies obama - 6410314752
By Unknown
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