Osama Bin Burnin'

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Created by Ashley

Bipartisanship at Its Finest

obama ice cream hurricane sandy - 6729463808
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Unless the Cops Find Out You're Under 21

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Obama 2016!

government shutdown obama thanks obama election - 7834478848
Created by etorger2

Change We Can Believe In

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Created by Unknown

Our Generation...

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You're a Naughty Man, Mr. President

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These People Are Way Too Upset About Groundhog Day

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President Obama's 4/20 Townhall

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Created by Britani Franklin

Obama the Family Man

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Created by Christina

Calling in Gay

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Created by Autumn

Copy Pasta of the Day: Who Deserves Credit?

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Created by Unknown

Doubting Thomas

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Created by cocobones

Thanks Obama!

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Created by Unknown

Missing the Point

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Created by Amber

Sense When?

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