tweets by a cartoon version of Donald Trump

Cartoon Donald Trump Live-Tweets Obama's Farewell Speech and It's Even More Ridiculous Than We Could've Hoped For

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Bipartisanship at Its Finest

obama ice cream hurricane sandy - 6729463808
Created by Unknown

Making a Political Rant on Your Phone? Don't Hit Copy and Paste by Accident...

obama copy and paste election copypasta - 6751505920
Created by Unknown

It's Best to Go for Subtlety

2012 barack obama election 2012 obama - 6585443840
Created by Unknown

Osama Bin Burnin'

racism obama Osama Bin Laden barack obama - 6999545600
Created by Ashley

You're a Naughty Man, Mr. President

barack obama cover cover photo obama president timeline - 6177773568
Created by Unknown

Fresh Out the Bunker

obama failbook facebook election 2016 - 8811779072
Created by emilyantillar

Nac Ew Sey!

illuminati obama Conspiracy Theory thanks obama - 7852842752
Created by Unknown

These People Are Way Too Upset About Groundhog Day

groundhog day obama weird wtf - 5778089472
Created by Unknown

Who's Obama? FAIL

barack obama dumb blonde facepalm obama - 6545544192
Created by U8oL0

Fun with Buzzwords

facebook failbook obama win - 5683213312
Created by beans


donald trump obama politics president - 4699247104
Created by Unknown

Calling in Gay

homosexuality obama sick - 5117303040
Created by Autumn

Copy Pasta of the Day: Who Deserves Credit?

copypasta lol obama Osama Bin Laden politics star wars status quote - 4729949952
Created by Unknown

President Obama's 4/20 Townhall

420 obama politics - 4667349248
Created by Britani Franklin

Change We Can Believe In

adam sandler barack obama movies obama - 6410314752
Created by Unknown