Movie of the Day: Ben Affleck Announced His New Solo Project Title is "The Batman," Twitter Responds

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Never Change, Portland

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20 of Our Favorite Reactions to Marijuana Legalization in California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada

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The Best and the Worst of Last Night's First 2016 Presidential Debate

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You Win This Round, Blue

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To American Media, Everything Looks Like Terrorism

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What Have You Done This Time, Miley?

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When You Steal and Crash a Cider Truck into a Barn, It's Gonna Be News

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Slow News Day Means Ghost Day, Right?


A Rare Interview With a Psychotic Supernatural Killer

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Tech News of the Day: Facebook Launches ‘Work’ for Businesses

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Fail of the Day: Brian Williams Misremembers Helicopter Story, Twitter Responds By Meme-Shaming Him

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Busted! #81

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This Counts as News Now?

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Mistaken Identity!

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