Never Change, Portland

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Music news FAIL reactions bono funny - 1097221

People Are Rioting on Twitter Right Now after Bono Was Crowned 'Woman of the Year'

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It's a Shame Zero News Outlets Covered This Gigantic News Story Last Week

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Florida's Natural Selection Process Needs To Hurry Up

Florida's Natural Selection Process Needs To Hurry Up
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20 of Our Favorite Reactions to Marijuana Legalization in California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada

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Status Update of the Day: Judge Permits Woman to Divorce Husband Via Facebook

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college admission scandal on some facebook ladies page

Woman's Insightful Facebook Post On The College Admission's Scandal Goes Viral

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You Know This is Going to Happen

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Sometimes True, Sometimes False, Always a Fail

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Criminally Dumb Criminal news facepalm Probably bad News Video - 63579905

Where Should You Post Evidence of You Serving Alcohol to Minors? Facebook, of Course!

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Montreal Does Not Appreciate Your CSI Jokes

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This Counts as News Now?

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Just Another Tuesday

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A collection of images showing people struggle through life.

18 Bummers to Remind You Life Could Be Worse

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You Are No Longer Hip and Creative

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Way to Keep Up With the News

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