Kids Get New Kitty After Receiving More Than 100,000 Facebook "Likes"

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When Will Those Tyrants at Niagara be Stopped?

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The Other Woman, and the Other Other Other Woman

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By D Mulls

Just Another Tuesday

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Is It Time for Dogs to Have a Social Network of Their Own?

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Ask and Ye Shall Receive!

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What Was Your First Clue?

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Donald Trump Jr. gets a Time cover that makes reference to recent controversy surrounding his collusion with Russia.

Donald Trump Jr.'s Getting Violently Trolled After Receiving His Own Time Magazine Cover

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Kong: Skull Island Director Live-Tweets Ridiculous Confrontation With Alt-Right Plane Seatmate

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Meanwhile in Texas...

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reasons people deleted their uber account

12 of the Most Inspired Reasons People Gave for Deleting Their Uber Accounts

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Kim Kardashian Is Launching Her Own Emoji Line

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What Have You Done This Time, Miley?

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By Bellabean
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The Best and the Worst of Last Night's First 2016 Presidential Debate

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