After Those Parsecs What do You Do?

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Created by Unknown

This Expanded Universe Stuff Always Messes Me Up

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Created by Jetshadowfire

No Bones About it

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What the Heck is Riker Googling?

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"The Strongest Human in the World" Fails to Live Up to His Reputation

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Created by starryelf

WIN!: You're Done WIN

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Created by ponchopanda

Happy Nerd Joke Awareness Day!

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Doctor Who Gets the Facebook Lookback Treatment

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Facebook in Westeros

Via Team Pwnicorn

Allies in Disguise

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Created by Goofy

Classic: Stack Overflow Blues

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Suit Up and Get Ready for Battle!

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Created by mnenemth

There's No Healing Factor Strong Enough for This

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The Spirit of Magneto-dalf Lives Inside Us All

Harry Potter Lord of the Rings Game of Thrones facepalm nerdgasm failbook - 8210256640
Created by stillcantthinkofname

DOCTOR Would Like to Learn a New Move!

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Via Texts From Superheroes
Harry Potter nerdgasm texting Video - 66876417

Texts From Harry Potter

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