Sometimes Your User Name Makes a Little Magic

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Classic: Stack Overflow Blues

nerdgasm twitter failbook g rated - 8123212288
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This Bar Doesn't Serve Droids Like You

star wars nerdgasm - 8176278272
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So Close, but Not the Right Reference

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marvel star wars nerdgasm failbook - 166917

Marvel and Star Wars Had the Best Twitter Exchange of the Month so Far (Far Away)

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Lightsabers: Now With More "Heavy"

lightsaber star wars conspiracy nerdgasm failbook g rated - 8447630592
By TeknoDemon

Bishop Just LOVES Ice Cream. Right. Ice Cream...

Aliens nerdgasm alien sexy times - 8463438592
By JCCStarguy

This Little Guy is Well on His Way to Being a Dork

nerdgasm parenting zombie - 8137190400
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What the Heck is Riker Googling?

twitter nerdgasm Star Trek failbook - 8176075264
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Harry Potter nerdgasm texting Video - 66876417

Texts From Harry Potter

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Are You Making a Comment or Trying to Code in Here?

nerdgasm what - 8240671232
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No Bones About it

puns Star Trek nerdgasm - 8200240640
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Let's Locke and Load These GoT Puns

Game of Thrones puns nerdgasm - 8174699776
By Bo

Just Doing Some Plumbing

twitter parody nerdgasm video games failbook g rated - 8163910656
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My Offensive Line Hits You for 12 Durability Damage!

sports nerdgasm football dungeons and dragons failbook - 8314593024
By chris.towsley.7

The Spirit of Magneto-dalf Lives Inside Us All

Harry Potter Lord of the Rings Game of Thrones facepalm nerdgasm failbook - 8210256640
By stillcantthinkofname