Suit Up and Get Ready for Battle!

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This Review Gets GGGRRRRRAAAWWWW Out of Five

star wars movies nerdgasm - 8371438848
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doctor who nerdgasm Video failbook g rated - 58985473

Doctor Who Gets the Facebook Lookback Treatment

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The Force is Not Strong Here

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Look Real Close at the Drawing on That Bottle

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Where'd You Get That Piece?

Lord of the Rings Jewelry nerdgasm The Hobbit - 8378387456
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Quick, Summon the Eagles!

Lord of the Rings instagram puns gandalf nerdgasm failbook g rated - 8279949056
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After Those Parsecs What do You Do?

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So Close, but Not the Right Reference

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Harry Potter nerdgasm texting Video - 66876417

Texts From Harry Potter

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Bishop Just LOVES Ice Cream. Right. Ice Cream...

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This Expanded Universe Stuff Always Messes Me Up

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Another Year, Another Winter of People Believing Hoth is Real

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The Spirit of Magneto-dalf Lives Inside Us All

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Dora, Queen of the North

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If You Play it, They Will Come

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