The Force is Not Strong Here

ants facepalm star wars nerdgasm - 8304579840
By smadronia

DOCTOR Would Like to Learn a New Move!

nerdgasm doctor who texting - 8291888896
Via Texts From Superheroes

This Little Guy is Well on His Way to Being a Dork

nerdgasm parenting zombie - 8137190400
By Unknown

The Geeks Know How to Wrap Up Those Walkers

at at star wars nerdgasm response - 8029827840
By Brozer

The Galaxy Far Far Away Never Changes...

star wars whoops nerdgasm - 8089052928
By nmadole

Are You Making a Comment or Trying to Code in Here?

nerdgasm what - 8240671232
By anonymous.scott

I Play This Girlfriend Face Down, in Defense Mode!

nerdgasm relationships men vs women - 8353214720
By Unknown
Harry Potter nerdgasm texting Video - 66876417

Texts From Harry Potter

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How Can You Know So Much About Game of Thrones but So Little About Chicken?

Game of Thrones facepalm nerdgasm - 8138729984
Via BlacICEE32oz

Kids These Days Need to Brush Up on Their Nintendology

Music nerdgasm video games failbook - 8047801344
By chezburger132

And That's the Story of How Marvel and Sony Made Infinity (Gauntlet) Dollars

Via ManaByte

Look Real Close at the Drawing on That Bottle

Via Cunt_Dracockla

So Close, but Not the Right Reference

Via tripped144

Suit Up and Get Ready for Battle!

dogs pets nerdgasm Cats failbook g rated - 8400701440
By mnenemth

There's No Healing Factor Strong Enough for This

nerdgasm wolverine - 8172308736

This Review Gets GGGRRRRRAAAWWWW Out of Five

star wars movies nerdgasm - 8371438848
Via Brown Cardigan
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