Let's Locke and Load These GoT Puns

Game of Thrones puns nerdgasm - 8174699776
Created by Bo

The Soda Has Way Better Audio Mixing This Way

geek soda nerdgasm - 8265315072
Created by Graz ( Via Grazcore )

This Expanded Universe Stuff Always Messes Me Up

darth vader facepalm star wars nerdgasm - 8178722304
Created by Jetshadowfire

So Close, but Not the Right Reference

Via tripped144

Happy Nerd Joke Awareness Day!

batman puns nerdgasm - 8174029568
Created by Unknown

"The Strongest Human in the World" Fails to Live Up to His Reputation

anime nerdgasm - 8025444352
Created by starryelf

Quick, Summon the Eagles!

Lord of the Rings instagram puns gandalf nerdgasm failbook g rated - 8279949056
Via ianmckellen

If You Play it, They Will Come

doctor who nerdgasm tumblr failbook g rated - 8228548864
Via Acid Cow

After Those Parsecs What do You Do?

star wars nerdgasm failbook g rated - 8229434880
Created by Unknown
Harry Potter nerdgasm texting Video - 66876417

Texts From Harry Potter

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Say it Again, Serpent!

marvel Samuel L Jackson superheroes nerdgasm - 8142343168
Created by Unknown

Where'd You Get That Piece?

Lord of the Rings Jewelry nerdgasm The Hobbit - 8378387456
Created by Unknown

Children Are Basically Hobbits Anyway, Right?

classroom Lord of the Rings nerdgasm teacher - 8114057216
Created by perthsoundchic

This Bar Doesn't Serve Droids Like You

star wars nerdgasm - 8176278272
Via thisbobisback

Just Doing Some Plumbing

twitter parody nerdgasm video games failbook g rated - 8163910656
Via RealShigeruM

Allies in Disguise

transformers wisdom nerdgasm - 8312684800
Created by Goofy
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