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Even These Die Hard Beliebers Are Starting to Question Justin Bieber's Grasp on Reality With #JusticeForBrokeliebers

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Jordan, King of Mars

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Thanks, Autocorrect...

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Why Not Just Print More Money?

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Funny and relatable tweets about money and about being poor, girls at sephora, makeup, flirting, babies and lots of other fun topics that noone asked them to "GO THERE"

18 Amusing & Relatable Tweets For Anyone Who Needs A Light Chuckle

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These Two Things Might be Related...

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That Moment You Realize You're Way More Poor Than You Thought

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Twenty Bucks is Twenty Bucks!

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What's In YOUR Heart?

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The Kitty Investment

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Clearly Not a Math Major

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Love Debt

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Printing Your Own Food Might Require a 3D Printer

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Money Problems

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Time to "Change" Your Diet

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