Woes of the Cynical Entrepreneur

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Same-Day Karma

Same-Day Karma
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Helpful Tip is Helpful

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Nebraska Football Player Stiffed a Waitress' Tip After She Trash-Talked Their Dissapointing Season

social media fail Nebraska football player stiffs waitress' tip b/c she trash talked their season
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Broke College Kid

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Buy Some Aloe Vera for That Burn!

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Please Open Your Hearts and Wallets for No Reason

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Thanks A Lot Public School Education

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"Learning" How ATM Cards "Work"

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Plus, You're Way Too Ugly to Be a Model

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Bigger Tax Returns, Because THAT'S What Makes Life Easier

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Actually... We Kinda Can...

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Taken to School

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<strike>Fun</strike> False Fact of the Day

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That Might Take a While

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