That Ain't Exactly a Doubloon, Dude.

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Failbook: What Facebook Could Have Done With a Billion Dollars Besides Buying Instagram

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You Gotta Make Some Payments, Son

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Funny and relatable tweets about money and about being poor, girls at sephora, makeup, flirting, babies and lots of other fun topics that noone asked them to "GO THERE"

18 Amusing & Relatable Tweets For Anyone Who Needs A Light Chuckle

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Chart Claiming Family Earning $500K/Year Is Just Scraping By, Sends People On Twitter Into Fits of Hysterical Rage

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Bigger Tax Returns, Because THAT'S What Makes Life Easier

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If I Had $100...

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Check and Mate

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Woes of the Cynical Entrepreneur

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Dial "P" For Poor

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Actually... We Kinda Can...

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entitled people with ridiculous demands | Reviews PetSmart Sarah L O 07 00 12/27/15 My husband and have shopped here consistently years, but will use different location now on. They will literally lock doors right face if show up 2 minutes after closing.

Entitled People and Their Comical Demands

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Guy's half brothers get greedy, threaten to sue, it backfires. | r/ProRevenge Half brothers threaten sue over 16k costs them 158k and possibly their parents' marriage 25f 3, my grandparents passed away. They set up savings account my name account meant be accessed by 21. At point contained just over 300k. My grandparents left letter saying they would like share money fairly with any other "Smith-Jones" children, meaning my full siblings dad's Smith, mum's Jones

Half Brothers Get Greedy, Threaten To Sue, Costs Them 158K

Sorry guys.
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Buy Some Aloe Vera for That Burn!

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Plus, You're Way Too Ugly to Be a Model

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